Sunday, December 18, 2011


Life is full of trials, one after the other. It seems to me that there is no escaping the fact that at any given time in life one will be going through at least one trial. Tonight as I was writing in my journal about a particular trial that I was recently dealing with it started me thinking about trials in general and how they help us grow and learn. Not the trial alone, but the decision we must make to turn our trial over to the Lord and realize our dependency on Him.

A trial in particular which was so hard for me was being single. I hated it. I was so lonely and felt as if I had no one and might possibly never have anyone. It bothered me that I felt so crappy about it but try as I may, I could never change it. I would go through pockets of time where I was okay with it and it didn't consume me as much, but those times were short and fleeting.

My husband in a likewise way has had his share of trials and growth. Some of the things he's endured I wouldn't wish on anyone. I know his different experiences have helped shape him into the person he is.

It's been 8 months since I got married to Lance and I am so happy. I knew I would love being a wife and being married, but I had no idea it could possibly be this good. He is so kind and thoughtful to me and our relationship has been one of respect and love. I know that because of our trials we have a strong dedication to make our marriage be the best possible. We appreciate each other and desire to keep the other happy.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Connie Gayle Bingham

Twenty-four years ago today my mother passed away. I was about three weeks from turning 4 and for this reason any memories of her are void. The events surrounding her death are heavy and sad, but I am grateful for the goodness that she possessed.

She was born the second daughter to Daniel and Dorothy Mineyard in Detroit, Michigan. Her father died in a work accident when she was only three years old and her mom passed away when she was thirteen. She was then raised by her step-dad until she met my father at the age of 17. They met in high school and shortly after were married and my oldest brother, Jamie was on the way. He paved the way for seven more kids to follow totaling 3 boys and 5 girls.

The most prized possession my mother left behind (excluding her children) is a journal she kept starting about five years prior to her death. In this journal she talks about her testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and her conversion; her children and pregnancies; and other day to day rantings. I love reading her thoughts and seeing her writing.

What I know about her is limited to what older siblings and her sister remember of her. She was a great cook, a wonderful seamstress, loved being pregnant and having babies, a horrible housekeeper, and a simple woman. I wish I knew more but in time I'll have that opportunity.

Years after her fourth child was born, Gina, she felt that there was a son who still needed to come to her family. She convinced my dad and three girls later their son was finally born. My youngest brother, Marty was barely two when she passed away.

My husband has done family history on her side and it has been such a blessing to get to know her better in this way. About two months ago we did the initiatories for Dorothy Minyard and Daniel Minyard-her parents! It was a spiritual experience, one that helped me feel closer to my mom. I am excited to get sealed in proxy with my husband acting as her mom and dad.

I look forward to having a relationship with my mom. Oftentimes I wonder how different my life and personality would be if she had been here. Her absence is all I have ever known. This trial has taught me so much and strengthens my desire to be the best mom I can be.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Evening with the Rascals

Pushing swings, serving chocolate pudding, watching the Backyardigans, and playing cars is a perfect way to spend a Friday, especially when it's with my favorite Rascals.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Date Night

I love going on dates with my hubby! I think I forever will. Our date night this week took us to the Provo Temple where we did initiatories and then to Los Hermanos where we enjoyed a beautiful dinner.

Labor Day

Our Labor Day was simple yet fun! We hung out at home with me cleaning and Lance working and then enjoyed a beautiful bike ride with our great friends and fellow newlyweds-Carrie and Zach Paul.

We biked up the canyon and took in all the beauty a Utah County summer has to offer. Our Arizona summer offered us heat and more heat. What a treat to be back just in time to bask in color and cool summer evenings! My favorite part-feeling the wind go through my hair as I biked! We followed our bike ride up with a night of wii and smores at the Paul Residence!

Hope your Labor Day was great!

Utah here we are!

Lance and I are just about settled into our new Orem apartment. I must say that being back has been wonderful! I've enjoyed being able to see Melissa and others. I feel that Lance and I "fit" here more than we did in Arizona. Arizona was a great experience but certain factors made me happy to come back. For example-the immodestly was uncomfortable, the heat was killer, and the education system weak. I never want to teach there again or have my children go to school there.

We love living in Orem and are grateful to have friends already in our ward! Carrie (my old roommate) and her husband Zach live literally right down the street from us! It's so fun because she met her husband only two weeks after I met Lance and it was wonderful to have a friend to share our love stories with!

I'm still looking for a teaching job but definitely enjoying my time off. It's been so relaxing to set up the apartment and take things one day at a time. We are still working with only one car which I love because it means more time together! Each morning I take Lance to work, bring him lunch, and pick him up! I LOVE being able to serve him and be domestic! It's marital bliss and I couldn't be happier!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

First Grade

Our lil' guy is a 1st grader!

Before Zander arrived I approached the Lord on how to be a good mom for him. My answer was to take the talents I have and apply them on a daily basis. I'm a good teacher-so I decided that school was a necessary thing to do each day.

Zander did an excellent job this summer at school time. Each day we would do school with him; reading, writing, and math. We would practice sight word cards which he mastered all 100 (with the exception of a few) by the end of summer, read stories together, practice addition and subtraction, and write 3-4 sentences in his journal daily. Every time we did school Zander received a quarter and once he had 4 we would go to the Dollar Store. He loved it!

Zander really enjoyed learning and was so obedient during school time. It was such a blessing to watch him progress. Lance was so thrilled to see Zander grow so much in the short six weeks he was with us.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Zander is 6!

Easy to love
Xtreme son
Non-stop energy
Daddy's lil' guy

Happy Birthday, Son! We hope you have a wonderful day. You are a great lil' guy and we love you dearly!


Dad and Mom

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Amberlea Elementary School

I wasn't too sure if Amberlea Elementary was going to cut it for next year. I decided to take an appraiser with me to find out what this school is all about.

He had a lot of questions, mainly about the faculty and the different equipment the school has to offer. He was very thorough and I must say, he did a terrific job at testing this school out.

He discovered many ways students can get to the top.

He fell in love with the curriculum, said it was picture perfect.

He commented that the teachers and staff would do a fair amount of hanging out.

He was disgusted and appalled by the scene of bats. I can't blame him.

He said this school has amazing views!

The appraiser noted a terrific step by step reading and math program!

He seemed to have some doubts about the art program. Said it might not be the best in the district...

He really liked the balance of the school.

According to this appraiser the lines of communication are great!

And the music program? He said it was very impressive.

His verdict: This school gets two thumbs up!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

They just keep coming...

The blessings, that is. So many, so fast, and so tailored to our needs. Yesterday I interviewed with an elementary school in Phoenix named Amberlea. On my way home I chatted with my sister in Utah about how the interview went and how I felt I did at representing myself and my teaching. My answer was that I felt as if it went great but what getting the job lies on is whether or not this is the job the Lord desires for me. I have a testimony of that, I truly do. The past two years I've had the most perfect of positions imaginable. Who would I be to not trust the Lord to provide for me this time around. After all, I did just get married in His temple only even two months ago.

Not even 24 hours after the interview I received a phone call from the principal offering me a third grade position. We are so grateful and thrilled! And to make it even better, it doesn't cut into my Alexander time. Which mind you, I plan on sucking ever second out of.

Count your blessings-even before they come.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Good Bye Rock Canyon Elementary

In only two more days this school year will be over! I am so excited to finish this year off and make the long awaited move to Arizona. This year has been great and I have been so blessed with wonderful students, supportive parents, and fun people to work with.

The year started out rocky with my emotions extremely sensitive about staying in Utah. I wanted to move so badly and I wasn't sure why or even how I got stuck here. It was near impossible for me to see the "big picture" at that time. Little did I know a certain boy would come into my life, win my heart, and be my husband within the school year. Guess it's a good thing I stayed!

Some highlights of this school year:

*Working not even 10 minutes from home
*Luke and Sarah visits most mornings
*Lance coming in with his guitar
*Almost all of my students coming to my wedding
*Working with some old friends-Lynne and Joe
*Spying on Seth in his kindergarten classroom
*Wonderful office staff who were so helpful and easy to work with
*Nicest principal in the world
*Amazing students and supportive parents

Friday, May 13, 2011

5 bad relationship habits to dump

With getting married only 5 weeks ago I've been very interested in how to make our marriage the best it can be. I came across this article from Yahoo and I thought it brought up some good points.

Bad Habit #1: Never ending your arguments. One of the dubious perks of being married, Friedman says, is being able to “stomp out of the room, cool yourself down, and bring up the issue again a few days or weeks later — or let it fester forever.” While having a knock-down, drag-out argument with someone you’ve just started dating isn’t exactly a good sign, you don’t want to fall into the trap of thinking, “If I ignore the problem, it’ll just go away.” That just won’t cut it when you’re dating.
Tactic to try: The challenge now, says Friedman, “is to hang in there and keep the lines of communication open.” You want to work through the issue, not allow it to linger.

Bad Habit #2: Letting yourself go. When two people are married for a long time, they stop trying to impress each other — thus fueling the market for dumpy sweatshirts, socks with sandals, and New York Yankees baseball caps. This may be fine for a lazy evening at home, but it’s a sure-fire date repellent, according to Friedman. “It’s easy to say, ‘I just want someone who likes me for who I am,’ but truthfully, the way humans operate is to feel more comfortable with and attracted to someone who cares enough about appearance to look presentable.”
Tactic to try: Simply put, make an effort. There is such a thing as dressing up, and it’s worth trying when wooing someone.

Bad Habit #3: Under-communicating your needs. Most married couples have the ability to read each other’s minds: to intuit, from an imperceptibly cocked eyebrow or a slightly fluttery tone of voice, that now may not be the best time to admit to spending junior’s college fund on a 72-inch plasma TV. Unless your date is a professional poker player, don’t expect her to interpret your tics and grimaces as a request for a nice glass of iced tea.
Tactic to try: “You need to state your needs and feelings out loud, in a responsible way,” Friedman says. “The good news is, by speaking up you can help shape how your new partner treats you.”

Bad Habit #4: Sniping instead of talking. The only time you’re allowed to treat constant bickering as a form of affection is when you’re both at least 75 and celebrating your golden wedding anniversary.
Tactic to try: Instead of criticizing your new partner, Friedman says, you should make an effort to “request what you need in a specific, caring way. For example: instead of shouting ‘You’re always late for everything,’ you can say gently, ‘This Saturday night, it would really mean a lot to me if you showed up on time or even a few minutes early.’”

Bad Habit #5: Not saying “thank you.” Common courtesy is one of the first casualties of an unsuccessful marriage — and even thriving couples can occasionally say things to each other that would make Emily Post blanch.
Tactic to try: “You should start your new relationship on a solid foundation of gratitude and appreciation, right from the beginning,” Friedman says. “Be thankful for the little things... even the fact that this person is spending the evening with you.” And while you’re at it, go ahead — say it out loud.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ten points of advice given at our Sealing

Be strong.
Organize every needful thing.
Never become enticed by others.
Support each other in our callings.
Love each other and only each other.
Study temple names in the scriptures.
Do little thoughtful things for one another.
Consecrate our lives and always pay tithing.
Lance is to treat me as a queen, I’m to treat him as a king.
Our garments are the only thing we physically take away from the temple.

Zander Man

Just yesterday I commented to Lance that Mother's Day has new meaning for me. Not only am I celebrating a wonderful new mother in law, but I am celebrating becoming a mother myself. My heart is full and I am so grateful to Alexander for providing me this blessing.

Mothering Zander feels natural and I thank the Lord for his help in this. My job is easier with Zander not being with us full time but soon enough we will have that opportunity and enjoy the whole summer with him. Lance and I can't wait until he arrives and our family becomes complete.

True Love

I received this text today from Lance. Just one example of the many tender messages I receive daily from him.

Good Morning Beautiful! I am so proud of how good you are and for all your willingness to contribute in so many ways to the relationship. I am excited to have you in my life.

Stay tuned-Wedding pics and posts to come shortly!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Engagement pics

Lance's brother Bryce is an awesome photographer so we decided to have him do our engagement photos. They turned out so cute! Lance and I are very satisfied with them and everyone seems to like them. We met up with Bryce and his wife Marissa in Lehi by the train tracks to do the shoot. What a fun day it was! The weather was below freezing and by the end of the shoot it started to snow-crazy, crazy! But, it was a memorable experience and we had a great time doing it.