Thursday, June 16, 2011

Amberlea Elementary School

I wasn't too sure if Amberlea Elementary was going to cut it for next year. I decided to take an appraiser with me to find out what this school is all about.

He had a lot of questions, mainly about the faculty and the different equipment the school has to offer. He was very thorough and I must say, he did a terrific job at testing this school out.

He discovered many ways students can get to the top.

He fell in love with the curriculum, said it was picture perfect.

He commented that the teachers and staff would do a fair amount of hanging out.

He was disgusted and appalled by the scene of bats. I can't blame him.

He said this school has amazing views!

The appraiser noted a terrific step by step reading and math program!

He seemed to have some doubts about the art program. Said it might not be the best in the district...

He really liked the balance of the school.

According to this appraiser the lines of communication are great!

And the music program? He said it was very impressive.

His verdict: This school gets two thumbs up!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

They just keep coming...

The blessings, that is. So many, so fast, and so tailored to our needs. Yesterday I interviewed with an elementary school in Phoenix named Amberlea. On my way home I chatted with my sister in Utah about how the interview went and how I felt I did at representing myself and my teaching. My answer was that I felt as if it went great but what getting the job lies on is whether or not this is the job the Lord desires for me. I have a testimony of that, I truly do. The past two years I've had the most perfect of positions imaginable. Who would I be to not trust the Lord to provide for me this time around. After all, I did just get married in His temple only even two months ago.

Not even 24 hours after the interview I received a phone call from the principal offering me a third grade position. We are so grateful and thrilled! And to make it even better, it doesn't cut into my Alexander time. Which mind you, I plan on sucking ever second out of.

Count your blessings-even before they come.