Saturday, December 15, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We loved spending Thanksgiving with Grandma Mari!  Her and Zander have always had a sweet bond.  Our day was spent playing games, snuggling, watching the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving movie and eating a delicious meal. 

My two loves
Zander got restless so I let him take pics on my camera. 

Auntie Noel

No, it doesn't look like the veggie turkeys you see on Pinterest but we liked it. 

Zander could not be fooled. 

Gobble, gobble

 Z and Grandma

Ah yeah!

Our Christmas 2012

This year Alexander was with us for Thanksgiving and not Christmas.  For this reason, we decided to celebrate both Thanksgiving and Christmas on the same week.  We had been planning this since the summer, and Zander absolutely loved it! 

Lance and Zander got back from their flight on Saturday night, the 17th of November.  We decided to treat this day as Christmas eve and have Sunday be Christmas morning. 

Zander was thrilled to see what Santa had brought him-a blue bean bag chair, planets and stars for his room, Home Alone and a stocking filled with many goodies!  He loved and appreciated that Santa would make a special trip to Utah on a night that wasn't really Christmas eve. 
Zander showing me the movie-it's our favorite!
Daddy and Z playing on his new stilts.  That was the number one thing on his list-blue stilts.  We couldn't find blue ones but these did not disappoint regardless of the red handles. 
Melt your heart?  I thought so.  My ever so handsome boys in their new matching ties right before church.  Love the relationship between these two.  Lance included a tie on his wish list and was excited to see I found matching ones for both of them.  

I'm so grateful for my little family.  What a great time we had celebrating with Zander in our new house!  Merry Christmas!