Friday, December 11, 2015

Belly Bump Rap

Our Engagement Video

So I was searching some videos and I came across this one!  

Lance proposed to me on New Years 2011 at Comedy Sportz in Provo.  As you can tell from the video, I was so surprised!   The song is a little hard to hear, but he wrote it specifically for this occasion!  I'm such a lucky girl. 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

November 2015

November was a wonderful month!  The weather has been super cold with a touch of snow here and there.  I'm loving being home with the twins and watching them grow.  Zander is doing great with online school and Lance loves working from home.  Here are some pictures from our November adventures.  
I love my Zachy boy!  
Cute twins.  
Mommy baby snuggles. 

Fun trip to the park.  Here the twins are 10 weeks old and Zander is 10 years old!  I love their age difference.  
Most adorable little babies!  
  That smile.  
Sitting on the porch with my Landy Loo.  
Wanting to walk somewhere, we went to BYU campus.  We met up with Zander's old teacher Mr. Crippen and Matthew!  
Lance and I celebrated meeting 5 years ago on November 13th!  These pictures are from our engagement session.  
Boys being silly.  
This is my view A LOT.  With all the nursing I do, sitting here in front of my big window is a common scene in my life right now.  On this day, we had a calm little snow fall.  
Three months old!  I love being home with these two and watching them grow up.  They make me so happy and I'm so honored to be their mom.  They are super smiley, especially Landon, and love getting out and going places.  I have lots of fun with them.  Love my twiners!  
Tummy time
We love doing face time with family members-it makes us feel close to them and I love showing everyone the twins.  Here Kenna was showing us her twins!  
I just had to document Zachary's chin(s).  Haha...chins for days!  
Zander finally had his ten year old party!  I'll blog about it on a separate post.  Here he is with his cool cake.  Minecraft, of course!  
Love this picture!  Cutest boys ever!  

One Sunday morning Lance was at meetings and I needed to make breakfast.  Zander hoped into the hot seat and fed the babies like a pro!  They love him!  
The Bertola's had their Thanksgiving feast the weekend before the actual holiday, accommodating inlaws and such.  This is our cute little family at Bryce's (Lance's brother) house.  We had a yummy feast.  Thanksgiving was super great this year with so much to be grateful for.  

We got invited by Aunt Kenna and Uncle Bill to St. George for Thanksgiving this year-it was so much fun!  I was a little nervous since it was the babies first vacation, but they did so well!  Everyone just loved them and helped us so much with them. 

 Above, I'm breastfeeding both boys at a restaurant on the way down-my first time breastfeeding both in public!  It was tricky but successful.  We love breastfeeding!!  
Landon made a friend.  We love Aunt Kenna!  
Thanksgiving morning!  These two brighten my day and are at the top of my grateful list.  
Sleeping babe in St. George.  
About to wake up!  

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

3 Months

On November 12th, the babies turned 3 months!  

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Twins' Blessing

On November 1st, Lance had the opportunity of giving the twins a name and a blessing.  It was very special.  He talked about how they were long awaited and came to the earth at the same time.  He talked about how they'd always have a friend in each other.  He also mentioned how the savior would always be there for them, and that they needed to rely on him.  It was beautiful.  These two make our family complete.  


I told Lyzzie the other week that nothing could have prepared me for how hard it is.  She agreed.  It got me pondering on my life before the babies came, and the different lessons I've learned.  The one thing that is comparable to having children is my mission.  The mission was all encompassing and difficult, so much that it easily compares to motherhood.  I look back on my mission with some honest regrets-I could have worked a little harder, I could have studied a little more, I could have thought about home a lot less, I could have thought less about boys back at home, I could have forgotten myself a lot more, I could have been mentally there a lot more, etc, etc.  I own these regrets, they are mine; and they taught me and continue to teach me.

 I don't want to look back on my children's childhood with regrets.  I know I will because I still have so much growing to do myself, but why learn the same lessons twice?  I want to mentally and physically be present.  This is their childhood and I want to put myself off for them.  I want each day to be better than the one before it.  These days will eventually be numbered, and I'll be a lot older looking back at them-hopefully my regrets will be few and I'll be able to say that I was the best mom I could have been.   

Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

This was Landon and Zachary's first Halloween!  I decided to dress them up as little firemen and it turned out sooo cute!!  Here they are at the Greenwood Halloween carnival! 
The twiners with Gus
Mommy's little firemen.  I love these two so much!  
Aunt Mima was here for the ward Halloween carnival and helped me get the boys ready.  Doesn't fireman Zach look so cute?!?!  
Fireman Landon-so adorable!  
All tuckered out after fighting the fire!