Monday, August 12, 2013

BYU Football

To say Lance gets excited for the BYU football season to start is an understatement.  He literally counts down the days and announces how many days are left daily.  It's so fun to see him enjoy something so much.  This season started off way better than the rest because Zander was here with us when they had their annual preseason scrimmage.  Lance was jumping up and down to be able to take his boy to a game.  

We started the festivities the night before by going to the BYU bookstore, which was a first for Zander, and letting him choose some goodies along with getting new BYU shirts and a football.  During the trip, Lance taught him all the main players and quizzed him afterwards. I love my boys!  

Despite the heat, Zander LOVED the game and being in the stadium.  I would definitely tag it as one of our many highlights of the summer.