Monday, July 4, 2016

May 2016

May was a great month as we moved into warmer weather and were able to get out more.  Zander played another great season of baseball and Lance got to be his coach!  Both of them were in their element and loved every second of it.  The twins made the cutest spectators and loved being out and about.  We love warm weather!!  
Cutest twins ever 
Zachy ALWAYS has his feet like this.  I love it so much!!!
Tuesday park day
There's those feet!  
Cutest little guy.  I love him so much.  
This little man is just the sweetest.  Here he looks so much like his aunty Jessi's baby pictures.  
Brother wanted to join in on the fun!  
Uh oh. They're at the age were they get into everything.  It's dang hard to keep up with these two!  
Bath time! 
I started a master's degree in ELL from Western Governor's University!!  I technically started on June 1.  It has been a blast and I'm so grateful to be working on something so awesome.  I do my school work mostly on Saturdays when Lance takes the babies.  I'm trying my hardest to complete the program in a year.  Wish me luck!  
Zander did great this season with baseball!  Lance got to coach his team.  
Zachy and mommy 
HA!  This is an actor from Parks and Rec and whenever I do Landon's hair like so, I can't help but see the resemblance.  :)
Zander reading the twiners a story!  
My Mother's Day present!
Mommy and Zachary!  
The boys love playing in their food.  
We love our walks.  
My everything!  
Mr. Zachary Chase's helmet is doing a great job!  He started out at a 7 and is now at a 5.5!  Keep up the good work, Buddy!  
So smiley!  Mr. Landon has such a killer smile!  
Landon is such a great helper with the laundry, but splits with half of it once he gets bored.  Where you going buddy?! 
Here's a darling throw back Thursday for you! Look at how little they were!  
Mom's laundry helpers!  
I got my hair cut again!  It's been so fun having it short.  My friend Jill, who lives right by us is the best at doing hair!  
Whatcha looking at, Zachy?!  These boys love lights and ceiling fans.  Cheap thrills.  

Uh oh.  Time to baby proof.  
Man, he's cute!  I love it when they just have their diapers on.  
Daddy playing with his boys!  They love him.  
Oh the cuteness!  
Big boys riding in the shopping cart.  
Snuggling with Dad.  
Out on a walk again!  We love it when Zander comes!  
Handsome!!  10 years old.  
Mommy and Landon 
The Pinewood derby was such a hit!!  
Lance and Zander worked so hard and got best of show!!  Good work!  
Zander was so happy!  
Look towards the red barn-deer!  Quite a few of them actually.  We came home from the pinewood derby to this fun surprise.  
Aerial view of cute twins playing.  
Mommy's legs make a good tunnel.  And her unopened string cheese makes a fun toy.  
Zander's fun school project.  Looks awesome!  
Landon is always stealing Zachy's food.  Little Bandito!  
Boys got their hair slicked!  
Zander and the twins playing in the church during a dinner activity.  Zander would crawl around acting all silly and the boys were cracking up, chasing him.  It was the cutest!  I'm so lucky to be their mom.  
Boys in their overalls.  
Our little misters turned 9 months old!  They are the best babies!  
Playing rolly polly with dad.  They love this game.  
These boys love toilet paper.  
So angelic.  This baby is so tender hearted.  
Aww such a sweetie 
My Landy Lou 
Time to make a mess and explore in their food!  They love getting messy.  
Zander in the foam pit at Uncle Shane's house.  He loves it there!  
Watching Zander play ball.  
Cutest spectators!  
I love being this baby's mom.  Best job ever!  
And I love being this baby's mom.  I have it made.