Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Date Night

I love going on dates with my hubby! I think I forever will. Our date night this week took us to the Provo Temple where we did initiatories and then to Los Hermanos where we enjoyed a beautiful dinner.

Labor Day

Our Labor Day was simple yet fun! We hung out at home with me cleaning and Lance working and then enjoyed a beautiful bike ride with our great friends and fellow newlyweds-Carrie and Zach Paul.

We biked up the canyon and took in all the beauty a Utah County summer has to offer. Our Arizona summer offered us heat and more heat. What a treat to be back just in time to bask in color and cool summer evenings! My favorite part-feeling the wind go through my hair as I biked! We followed our bike ride up with a night of wii and smores at the Paul Residence!

Hope your Labor Day was great!

Utah here we are!

Lance and I are just about settled into our new Orem apartment. I must say that being back has been wonderful! I've enjoyed being able to see Melissa and others. I feel that Lance and I "fit" here more than we did in Arizona. Arizona was a great experience but certain factors made me happy to come back. For example-the immodestly was uncomfortable, the heat was killer, and the education system weak. I never want to teach there again or have my children go to school there.

We love living in Orem and are grateful to have friends already in our ward! Carrie (my old roommate) and her husband Zach live literally right down the street from us! It's so fun because she met her husband only two weeks after I met Lance and it was wonderful to have a friend to share our love stories with!

I'm still looking for a teaching job but definitely enjoying my time off. It's been so relaxing to set up the apartment and take things one day at a time. We are still working with only one car which I love because it means more time together! Each morning I take Lance to work, bring him lunch, and pick him up! I LOVE being able to serve him and be domestic! It's marital bliss and I couldn't be happier!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

First Grade

Our lil' guy is a 1st grader!

Before Zander arrived I approached the Lord on how to be a good mom for him. My answer was to take the talents I have and apply them on a daily basis. I'm a good teacher-so I decided that school was a necessary thing to do each day.

Zander did an excellent job this summer at school time. Each day we would do school with him; reading, writing, and math. We would practice sight word cards which he mastered all 100 (with the exception of a few) by the end of summer, read stories together, practice addition and subtraction, and write 3-4 sentences in his journal daily. Every time we did school Zander received a quarter and once he had 4 we would go to the Dollar Store. He loved it!

Zander really enjoyed learning and was so obedient during school time. It was such a blessing to watch him progress. Lance was so thrilled to see Zander grow so much in the short six weeks he was with us.