Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April 2016

April started out with a bang with a quick trip to Cali followed by a week long trip to Arizona!  Lance needed to be in Arizona for accreditation and he invited me and the twins to tag along.  We decided to leave Utah the prior weekend and have a few days in California.   We had a blast!  It was wonderful to be in nice warm temperatures, see family and have tons of things to do.  Unfortunately Zander couldn't come.  :(
Twins having fun on the hotel floor!  
Cutest and best little travelers!  These two always amazing me with how good they do in their car seats and in the car.  
Once we got to California we made a stop at Hunny's-the restaurant where I started working when I was 17 years old and a junior in high school.  I ended up working there for 4.5 years and quit working there to go on my mission to Ecuador.  I have so many amazing memories from this place.  I'm so grateful for all the wonderful friendships I made and the ability it allowed me to save up so much money.  It's amazing to think of the person I was when I started verses the person I was when I quit.  I started out inactive in the church, dealing with a hard breakup and left completely active with my associates degree and heading off to a mission.  So much growth!  I'm grateful for those who put up with me as I transitioned from kid to adult.  So much of my confidence I owe to the consistency of this job and how it gave me something to focus on when times were hard. 
Amanda and Maddie met us at Jessi's and it was such a blast to see them!  They have developed into the most beautiful young women and I'm so proud of them.  They are beyond helpful with the twins and love to be around them.  As their mother, I just love it when others dote on my babies and love them.  It's definitely something that we're lacking here in Utah since there's no family around.  
Zachy got to try out Jack Jack's high chair.  He loved it!  
Our darling air B and B we stayed in while in Cali.  It was super comfortable and such a treat to stay there. 
To the beach!!  A trip to Cali would be incomplete without going to the beach!  We went to Oceanside with Jessi's family and had such a blast!!  
Twins look so cool hitching a ride with daddy. 
Jack Jack and Zachy look so much a like. 
My favorite 4 year old.  
This kid is just too cool!  
Feeling the Pacific Ocean for the first time.  It was cold!
Getting ready for the wave to come in... was so cold!  Mommy lifted Landon right away, but daddy kept poor Zachy in.  Look at daddy's face-pure evil. 
Poor Zacharoo. 
My happy place with my happy boys. 
Beach daddy. 
Amanda was so helpful!  I sure wish they lived closer. 
Sand time 
Tummy time in the sand. 
Oh the coolness...
Aunt Jessi bought these darlings matching onsies.  Best friends for life!  
Triplets!  They're only 3 weeks apart. 
Andrew getting in touch with his inner self. 
Papa and Grandma Lisa loving on the twinsies. 
Making our way to the pool once we got to Arizona.  The pool was an epic fail since I was outnumbered-boys 2 mom 1.  Yeah, not sure how I thought I was going to make it work.  Lol. Live and learn.  
We did make it to the park though.  We loved having the warmer weather to play in.  These two are so much fun to hang out with.  
Fun swing!  
I love this picture.  Daddy sure loves his Landy Lou.  
Trying to get a cute selfie of me and Zachy and look who photo bombed us!!  Of course it's a way cuter picture with him in it!  
Jamie, Lisa and their kids came down to visit us!!!  We were so happy and loved seeing them!  They all look so good and it was so fun to catch up.  
Aunt Lisa is the original baby whisperer. 
Zach and mom. 
The whole crew!  I'm so happy we got to see them and they got to meet the twins.  
Hotel bed fun!  
What if both embryos had split?!?!?!  
Retail therapy at Target while daddy works.  
Little man got to wear hats before his helmet.  :(
I tried to get him to smile... 
So sleepy
There's the smile!  
One of the front wheels snapped off the stroller on one of our last days in AZ, leaving us pretty much confined to the hotel.  But then I realized I could get to the car from the hotel room using the luggage carrier!  It was a life saver!  And people were so nice, always asking me if I needed help.  I really appreciated it.  It's wonderful when complete strangers will jump up to open doors or help me carry my things.  Having twins really makes me stand out and it's kinda obvious that it's a tough stage of life.  It sure is fun though.  
We went to the Gilbert Temple!  It was so beautiful.  It started to rain, just barely, but it was still fun to figure out how to cover ourselves and the babies.  
Missing Zander :(
Landon hitching a ride from Daddy!  
Little man got his helmet.  We knew it was coming, but it still made for a rough day nonetheless.  It's hard when your child has an imperfection that's obvious to the outside world.  I shed quite a few tears the morning of but by the time we got to the appointment, I was just fine.  
And then to see how good he handled everything made my momma heart so happy!  Zachary Chase is such a little trooper.  
Smiling at the doctor. 
Look at that stud! 
So proud of my little redhead!  
This little man was being so naughty!  He gets into everything.  Here he is playing with the phone cord.  
Our ward here in Mt Pleasant goes to the park every Tuesday starting in spring.  It's been fun getting out of the house and the boys love seeing the other kids and playing on the swing.  
Zach loves eating blueberries in his mesh eater.  He looks so darling all covered like a smurf!  
Landon loves his blueberries too!  
Lots of walks with the warmer weather.  
And they're out!  
This kid looks so cute in a hat!  
Oh my, the cuteness!!
Landy Lou woke up super early one morning.  Man, makes me so grateful that I don't have to get up and run off to work.  Getting up early has always been hard for me.  But at least on this morning I had such a cutie to spend it with. 
My cabbage patch baby.  
These two look so much alike with their helmets.  So cute!!
This is what I get (sometimes) when I try to  nap these two.  #TwinProbs 
My little Tommy Pickles. 
Babies turned 8 months old!  
Avocado anyone?!
My three boys!!  
Landy Lou and mommy. 
My big sweetie!  
Baba time 
Daddy and his boys!  
Lance and I celebrated 5 years!  This was my gift to him-tickets to see Brandi Carlile and for me he performed the song he wrote when he asked me to marry him in a darling video as his gift.  I loved it!  
Boys fell asleep on the floor. 
My littles love the swings.  
Someone looking adorable!  
I tried to get a cute one of this goofball, lol! 
I attempted a garden.  It's kinda been a bust so far, but here it was before I put dirt in and planted it. 
Babies in jammies are so cute!  
My babes helping me with the garden. 
Daddy ran out some shirts and hats thinking they were too exposed to the sun.  Aren't they darling?!
My view from my kitchen window.  #CountryLife 
Facebook reminded me that I graduated 6 years ago!  What an exceptional blessing to have attended BYU.  BYU paved the way for so many blessings to come into my life and I'm so thankful I got to go there.  Go Cougs!!
Big brother reading little brothers a story!  
Breakfast time 
Oh these two. 
I loved creating this picture!!  36.4 weeks in, and 36.4 weeks out!!!  I'm so in love with these two.  My little miracles. 
Daddy and Landon playing ball. 
Zander being a great big brother!  They adore him.  We all do!  
Mommy on the left and Zachy pants on the right.  Uncle Marty thinks we look sooo much alike.  
Here's another one!