Sunday, December 18, 2011


Life is full of trials, one after the other. It seems to me that there is no escaping the fact that at any given time in life one will be going through at least one trial. Tonight as I was writing in my journal about a particular trial that I was recently dealing with it started me thinking about trials in general and how they help us grow and learn. Not the trial alone, but the decision we must make to turn our trial over to the Lord and realize our dependency on Him.

A trial in particular which was so hard for me was being single. I hated it. I was so lonely and felt as if I had no one and might possibly never have anyone. It bothered me that I felt so crappy about it but try as I may, I could never change it. I would go through pockets of time where I was okay with it and it didn't consume me as much, but those times were short and fleeting.

My husband in a likewise way has had his share of trials and growth. Some of the things he's endured I wouldn't wish on anyone. I know his different experiences have helped shape him into the person he is.

It's been 8 months since I got married to Lance and I am so happy. I knew I would love being a wife and being married, but I had no idea it could possibly be this good. He is so kind and thoughtful to me and our relationship has been one of respect and love. I know that because of our trials we have a strong dedication to make our marriage be the best possible. We appreciate each other and desire to keep the other happy.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Connie Gayle Bingham

Twenty-four years ago today my mother passed away. I was about three weeks from turning 4 and for this reason any memories of her are void. The events surrounding her death are heavy and sad, but I am grateful for the goodness that she possessed.

She was born the second daughter to Daniel and Dorothy Mineyard in Detroit, Michigan. Her father died in a work accident when she was only three years old and her mom passed away when she was thirteen. She was then raised by her step-dad until she met my father at the age of 17. They met in high school and shortly after were married and my oldest brother, Jamie was on the way. He paved the way for seven more kids to follow totaling 3 boys and 5 girls.

The most prized possession my mother left behind (excluding her children) is a journal she kept starting about five years prior to her death. In this journal she talks about her testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and her conversion; her children and pregnancies; and other day to day rantings. I love reading her thoughts and seeing her writing.

What I know about her is limited to what older siblings and her sister remember of her. She was a great cook, a wonderful seamstress, loved being pregnant and having babies, a horrible housekeeper, and a simple woman. I wish I knew more but in time I'll have that opportunity.

Years after her fourth child was born, Gina, she felt that there was a son who still needed to come to her family. She convinced my dad and three girls later their son was finally born. My youngest brother, Marty was barely two when she passed away.

My husband has done family history on her side and it has been such a blessing to get to know her better in this way. About two months ago we did the initiatories for Dorothy Minyard and Daniel Minyard-her parents! It was a spiritual experience, one that helped me feel closer to my mom. I am excited to get sealed in proxy with my husband acting as her mom and dad.

I look forward to having a relationship with my mom. Oftentimes I wonder how different my life and personality would be if she had been here. Her absence is all I have ever known. This trial has taught me so much and strengthens my desire to be the best mom I can be.