Thursday, March 31, 2011

Engagement pics

Lance's brother Bryce is an awesome photographer so we decided to have him do our engagement photos. They turned out so cute! Lance and I are very satisfied with them and everyone seems to like them. We met up with Bryce and his wife Marissa in Lehi by the train tracks to do the shoot. What a fun day it was! The weather was below freezing and by the end of the shoot it started to snow-crazy, crazy! But, it was a memorable experience and we had a great time doing it.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Mr. Bertola

Tonight is the night! I leave for the airport in about an hour to pick up Mr. Bertola. I can't wait to see this guy. And to make it better-I get him here for more than a week!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ricky!!

One of the hardest things about choosing to go on a mission was the fact that my sister, Jessi was pregnant. I had always envisioned we'd have our children together, and experience those life moments simultaneously. I had already made the decision when Jessi told me she was pregnant. I was so excited for my mission and the adventures that laid ahead, but heartbroken that the baby would be born in my absence. I wanted to be there for her, and share the joys of it all.

I was serving in a city called Santo Domingo when Ricky was born. My dad sent me the cutest pictures of a baby with his little hands on his lips. I was dying to meet this little guy.

Ricky turned one just two days before I got home. I'll never forget being at the airport and seeing him for the first time. His red hair and freckles won my heart.

Now the little booger is turning 5 in two days! What a personality he adventurous and fun! I can't wait for Ricky and Alexander to meet-it will be a match made in heaven. I'm pretty sure of it.

I love you, Ricky! Happy Birthday!

Missionary Goal

While I was a missionary I made a goal. I wanted to read the Book of Mormon with my finance before we got married. I thought it would be a wonderful way to invite the spirit more into our lives and relationship. It would be time consuming, but worth it nonetheless.

Five years later I'm finally getting to put that very goal into practice. Lance and I have been reading the BOM since right before we got engaged. With how wrapped up our lives are right now with wedding planning, new jobs, job searching, and everything else; it's so nice to find quiet time where we can read together. Not only is it blessing our lives right now, but it's also starting a pattern that will eternally bless our relationship.