Friday, January 16, 2015

Christmas 2014

Christmas was awesome this year!  We celebrated a few days early since Zander's mom had him this year.  We loved spending Christmas morning (Dec. 23rd for us) together.  
Here's our tree with all our presents the night before!
Early morning!  No one in the Bertola household believes in good ole Santa Claus :( It's bitter sweet that our only child knows the truth, but kinda fun to get all the credit! 
Our stockings that I handmade!  
Blanket I sewed for Zander-my first one ever!!

Handmade iPod cover for Zander!  His favorite song is what does the fox say, so of course foxes are huge around here.  

For Lance, I made him a king size quilt!  The pictures of it don't really do it justice so I'm opting to leave them out.  

We hope your Christmas was merry and bright!!