Monday, August 31, 2015

First Few Weeks Home With the Twins

Our first few weeks home with these two were so much fun!  We seriously can't get enough of them.  They both have the sweetest temperaments and are so fun to take care of.  We are so blessed that Heavenly Father let them join our family.  They are our little miracles!  We love you, Landon and Zachary.  

 Here are some darling pictures!  
All snuggled up!  Zach and Landon 
Oh my!  Too cute for words.  
Sleeping in their rock and plays 
Little sleepyheads 
Little burritos 
Little Zachy 
Mr. Landon 
Handsome Zachary doing tummy time.  I love this picture!  
Landon our lecturer and Zachary our philosopher.  
Daddy and his boys 
Looking so cute in their explorer outfits. 
Handsome boys!  
We realized that Landon looks like Grandpa Munster from the Munsters, so we've lovingly nicknamed him Munster!  
Sleeping so peacefully.  My very faternal twins!  
Landon loves to have his hand by his face while he eats or sleeps.  This is how we saw him many times in the ultrasounds.  So sweet!  
Zachary and Zander 
Sweeto Burrito outing with my boys 
"Come here.  I gotta tell you a secret." 
"Don't listen to him!"  
Sleeping babes at Rafael's party.  
Landon is our night owl and Zachary our sleepyhead 
My boys!  
Handsome like daddy! 
Sweet, sweet babies!  We love you!  Thank you for joining our family!  

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Going Home!

After 6 days of being in the NICU, Landon and Zachary got to come home! Our family was so excited!  I was terrified, personally, being trusted with two, Two little babies was so intimidating.  But, I had Lance and I knew we would somehow make it work!  We are a great team:) 
All ready to go!  Zachary 
Let's get this show on the road!  Landon

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Life in the NICU

Since Landon and Zachary were born at 36.4 weeks, we anticipated that there would be at least a brief stay at the hospital.  It ended up being 6 days, which wasn't too bad.  Life in the NICU wasn't too rough at American Fork Hospital.  I really liked the different nurses and thought they took good care of my babies.  The hardest parts were all the cords the boys had to be attached to and being confined to such a tiny spot and not being able to leave with them.  I just wanted to love on my babies, and the NICU, although life-saving, creates ridiculous barriers between mommies and babies.  

My hospital stay was 4 days and the boys' was 6.  This wasn't a problem because we were able to pay a small fee and stay there until we could all come home together!  

Here are some fun pictures from our NICU experience and the first days of Landon and Zachary's life:
Landon taking his binky!  
Mommy and Zachary 
Grandma Mari and Landon
Aunt Noel holding Landon and Zachary 
Daddy was feeding Zach and he reached up and grabbed his hand. :)
Mommy and her twiners
Daddy and his twiners
Landon and Zachary--our miracle babies! 
Their station in the NICU.  I loved the name tags a nurse made them!  
Mommy and Zachy (Looks like Zach got mommy's nose) 
Caught a smile from Landon!  
Big brother meeting little brothers!!  Zander and Zachary 
My boys! 
Landon and Zachary got Zander a bear that says, "I'm the big brother" for his 10th birthday!  Zander turned 10 on August 15, just 3 days after the boys were born.  He was so happy they weren't born on his birthday.  Ten years ago Zander was born at the same hospital!  
Big brother feeding Landon 
My happy place!
Landon and Zachary
Zach and Landon
Zach sleeping on me :)