Monday, August 13, 2012

Zander working hard

Zander and his friend Madilyn who lives down the street and  is in his primary class. 

Zander's and his friends Nicole and Alan doing some painting in the backyard. 

Z mixes the moulder while Daddy helps.


Helping Dad take down the wall in the bathroom.

Beach Bums

 My Cali toes as I watch my two loves playing in the delicious waves. 
 Uncle Richard making a place for the kiddies to play in.  Andrew watches.
 Contemplating what to make in the warm sand.
 Father and Son catch some waves.

 Atta boy Zander!
 Ricky watches as the boys ride the waves. 
 A real Cali beach bum.

 They can't get enough of the ocean goodness.

 Riding tandem
 Off he goes...
 Cali beach bum.
 Cousin fun

 Uncle Lance gets buried alive. 

 We love beach days.
 Eden's turn
Until next summer...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Uncle Timmy the Fireman

Uncle Timmy has been a fireman his whole life!  He is good at what he does and loves to show off his new fire station.  We loved going to see him and his station and had a ton of fun!  His station was amazing and Zander enjoyed seeing the different equipment and learning about the work of a fireman. 

 Giving Uncle Timmy the rock.

 Zander thought it was too funny that a grown man would have such a little kid bed set! 

 What a handsome little fireman!