Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Monday, June 24, 2013

Father's Day 2013

Zander got here right in time for us to celebrate Father's Day as a family!  We loved spoiling daddy and spending time with him.  Zander and I made him a toothbrush/toothpaste/razor towel carrier and got him a new tie along with a gift card to JC Penny's.  He loved it!

We are so lucky to have Lance in our lives!  He is such a patient and caring father.  He does so much on Zander's behalf.  We love you, Lance!  

Strawberry Days Rodeo

Zander and Lance love a good rodeo!  
The children ages 6 and older got to chase the cash cow and try to pull money off.  Zander didn't end up getting any money, but loved it nonetheless.  

Luke's T-Ball Practice

I took Lukie to t-ball practice last week.  He was so adorable and I loved watching him play.  

Thursday, June 6, 2013

In love

...with my new job!!  Of course I would much rather be planning for the arrival of a baby but this is a pretty good plan B when life doesn't go as planned.  Today I had a meeting at my new school, Greenwood Elementary in American Fork, and had a blast meeting all the teachers.  I will work closely with all the grade levels with the exception of kindergarten, so building friendships and trust is very important at this point.  I also love my new principal and feel like he'll be awesome to work for.   

I now have full access to my future classroom and I'm impatiently waiting to get it all set up and cute. Thanks to Pinterest, I have ideas for every inch of the room.  I'm so grateful to have a room again that's connected to the school and has a sink!  It's the little things!  

My classroom as of now:  
So much potential.  I can't wait!  

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Grandpa Bertola the Teaser

Grandpa and Grandma Bertola came down the week of Noel's wedding and had crepes at our house along with many other Bertolas.  We loved having everyone over!  Our best memory is when someone tossed Grandpa Bertola the football Hudson was playing with and he started teasing him with it.  He would hold it right over Hudson's head where he couldn't reach and pretend to be giving it to him.  The whole room was cracking up, Hudson was screaming, Grandma Bertola was yelling at Grandpa to give it back and Grandpa just kept smiling.  It was awesome.

11 More Days Until This Cool Kid Arrives

Summer of Z 2013 can't get here soon enough.  

New Camera

Since December Lance and I have been studying photography.  We have loved it! We started out on a Nikon D90 that we borrowed from Lance's brother Bryce, which was great to become familiar with SRL's on.  Once it was time for us to buy our own camera we decided to get what we ultimately wanted-Cannon's 5D Mark3. This camera is AMAZING and we feel so grateful to have it.  Already we have put it to use and have loved the results.  


Last Thursday I completed my fourth and last year of being a second grade teacher in the Provo School District.  Next year I will be moving over to the Alpine School District to be an ESL teacher.  The role of an ESL teacher is to work with English second language students from each grade level in small groups.  This will definitely be a change but I am thrilled and in dire need of something different.  I didn't think I would be working past this year, so I think doing something new will be helpful. 

Second grade has been such a blessing in my life and has taught me so much.  I will miss it greatly.  This year was challenging but I definitely had the best class in the world.  An elementary school teacher gets to see so much change and growth within a school year.  It's always so fun to see a classroom full of brand new second graders grow into kids who are ready for third grade.

Here's a picture from the last school day.  I will miss these kids so much.

Some more pictures from the school year.  
                    Trade party
              Grass hair project
                       A fuzzy visitor
            Some of my favorite visitors