Saturday, January 28, 2012

Did you know that...

Did you know that I almost moved to Texas right before I met my husband? I had been living in Utah for about 3 years and I was determined and mildly obsessed with getting out of here.

My main reason for wanting to flee this place was my loneliness. The loneliness I felt was at an all-time high and became so hard to bear. I never dated anyone those 3 years. Sure, I went on dates, many of them over the years, but never once did I hit it off and actually have someone. I didn't even kiss a boy during all that time.

I was teaching at Wasatch Elementary, my first teaching position, when I started the process of preparing to move. It began in March 2010 and by July I was packing up a rented SUV and through so many tears and feelings of frustration-I started out for Texas. I hadn't been there for even a solid couple of days when I knew it wasn't "right."

I turned right around and had decided on California. The plan was to move in with an old family friend and hopefully pick up a nanny position. That too fell apart undeniably. That dear family friend got engaged and I could understand the magnitude of impeding on newlyweds. Needless to say, I never made it to California.

Frustration and confusion were my constant companions. I didn't know where to go and what to do. Mainly though, I couldn't grasp why this was happening to me. of the most planned-out people. But alas it was happening and I singly had to work through it.

In the midst of it, I attended a sacrament meeting where the congregation sang the hymn-Be Still My Soul. The hymn says, "He will guide the future as he has the past," and "All now mysterious shall be bright at last." Never in all my life did a single hymn impact me nor speak such words of comfort as this one at this time. Those two simple lines brought such comfort and the realization too, that my past had been beautiful. My life had so much to be happy about and proud of. I knew the Lord had protected me and gently guided me in everything up to that point in my life. And, with the help of this hymn-I knew all things mysterious would be bright at last.

About a week or so after this particular Sunday, I took a trip as a nanny to Mexico. While there, I received a message from a teacher and friend from Wasatch Elementary informing me about an open position for a second grade teacher at a school in Provo. I toiled with the idea and decided, although with mixed feelings that I would apply for it. I didn't get that job but as a result I did get a job as a second grade teacher at Rock Canyon Elementary which is also in Provo.

Gratefully, I accepted this job but with such a heavy heart. I didn't want to be there. The first month of school was hard being that my stubbornness to accept what had happened got in the way of my ability to just embrace it. Fortunately, time heals a broken heart and I was able to accept and be happy.

I met my husband one month later. We practically fell in love that same day. I am so grateful that the Lord's plan is always better than our own. I'm so lucky that He loves me enough that he allowed me so much disappointment and frustration. Next time the Lord doesn't allow you to have it your way-smile through it and embrace it the best you can.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Zander not wanting his picture taken.
Showing Sasha his new computer.
Battling it out with Seth on the Wii.
Much pleased with his skills.
Cousins are the best built-in friends! Zander has so many cousins that are around his age and love spending time with him. We were able to do many fun things with Seth, Sarah, Luke and Sasha.

Lander-Partners in Crime

We had a lovely New Years that consisted of staying home and playing random, silly family games. The first game was to open up a piece of bubble gum without your hands, get it into your mouth, and the first one to blow a successful bubble was the winner. Second, we had to open up a candy cane without our hands and land it in a cup placed in the middle of the table. The third game was a dance off, which involved a dimmed living room and a blaring stereo. The final game was putting a spoon in your mouth-spoon side out and while balancing a piece of candy on it, walking up and down the stairs once. The winner would have the luxury of the two 'losers' giving them a back rub/back scratch.

Dad claimed the bubble blowing title, mom the candycane, and Zander owned the dance off. Left was the balancing act to determine the winner. All involved wanted that back rub. When Zander's turn was up, Dad very sneakily got some tape and taped Z's candy on his spoon. And with that the blue eyed cutie (see above) had both parents on either side of him giving him a back scratch.

It was a great New Years! Here's to a wonderful 2012:)

Monday, January 9, 2012


Christmas 2011 was the best! Alexander arrived on December 23rd and we had such a wonderful time celebrating the holidays with him. He was thrilled to see our Utah apartment and his new room. We have showed it to him on the web cam, but of course that's not the same. He loved seeing all his old toys and discovering his new room. The pictures on this post are not in order-sorry about that!
Christmas Eve-Daddy got to open up the family Christmas present! BYU t-shirts! We all wore our shirts on Christmas day.

Christmas Morning. Santa came! He brought Alexander a rip stick which ended up being a little too sophisticated for him so Santa let him take it back and exchange it for whatever he wanted. He chose a cool hot wheels toy and a sweet case for his new laptop!
Spy Gear! Daddy found this awesome present for Zander and both of them loved it! This spy watch takes pictures, videos, and records audio-it's pretty awesome!
Zander's favorite gift of all-his laptop computer including a BYU football sticker (of course) and some favorite videos downloaded right to the desktop!
Daddy and Z putting together the gingerbread house. Zander had a great time decorating his house and eating candy along the way. Too bad Mom forgot to take a picture of the final product-oops! Still learning this mom stuff:)
Lander (Lance+Zander) on the Merry-Go-Round at the Provo Towne Mall.
Alexander challenged our friend Zach Paul to a battle on the Wii. It was close but Z pulled though with the most wins! Way to go Z!
Christmas Morning-checking out his new computer:)
Spoiled? No, just much loved!
Lander about to open the family present.
A bunch of Bertolas!! I think we all look alike...what do you think?

Zander was so brave and willing to try to climb higher and higher.
What a cute kid!