Monday, February 29, 2016

February 2016

February was a fun month being home with the boys and getting more use to living here in Mt. Pleasant.  Zander is currently doing basketball and indoor soccer, which has been a lot of fun to go to and watch him develop his talents.  He's so good at sports!  He's loving being back in traditional school and thriving with his school work.  He's very helpful with his little brothers!  They love it when he's home and will give him their biggest smiles.  Lance is working hard at work and has been enjoying the many side projects he loves to take on.  He's gotten involved with church basketball down here and has played a few times.  Lance and I now team teach a primary class of 6 and 7 year olds.   Landon and Zachary are 6 months old and so much fun!  Both boys have 2 teeth each and have started baby food.  They both have great appetites and love to eat!  Zachy is getting ready to crawl-once he gets it down he'll be off!  Landon has a tough time staying on his tummy and rolls over immediately. Both boys love to play with toys and put EVERYTHING in their mouth.  They love going anywhere and are always excited when we put them in their car seats.  Now that the weather has been a little warmer, we've ventured out on some walks.  Both babies enjoy the walks, but I find that Zach loves to look around and is alert the whole time.  Landon loves it and will almost always fall asleep!  Speaking of sleep--Landon has been doing fairly well, going for some long stretches and then being able to self soothe once I give him his binky when he does wake up.  Zachary has been having a harder time staying asleep for long stretches, and can't self soothe with just his binky but needs mommy to rock him back to sleep.  Both boys are now ready to not have milk during the night.  It's been so nice to just rock them back to sleep and not need to feed them.  I love my family! 
They are so big now!  
Little man wanted to be with me but I needed to cook dinner.  The rock n plays have been so handy in the kitchen!  
Such a cutie to wake up to.  
Playing playing playing 
Holding their own babas!!  It's been so nice not having to hold bottles and get that little bit of freedom.  
Kathryn and Daniel stayed with us for a weekend and it was Daniel's first time seeing the snow!  Here is Zander and Daniel playing out in the backyard.  Hide and seek?  
Landon looking so dapper after his bath!!  
Two cuties
This picture is so funny to me--I was trying to get a cute picture of Landy Lou while Zander was helping keep Zach happy.  The result--Landon would NOT look at me and Zander was calling out to me to take over with Zach because he was so overwhelmed and mess all around.  Haha...this is our real life!  
Mr. Landon got into the pile of freshly folded burp rags and had some fun with them...grrr.  
You have to look close to see it, but Zach was hanging his head upside down to see the TV.  It was pretty cute!
This is a picture of my camera roll after trying to get a good pic of the two of them...getting good pictures is hard!  Good thing my subjects are so cute!  
All bundled up for a walk. 

That's our house in the background.  We have this fun field right by our house that's perfect for playing soccer or catch, or anything really.  
My three sons.  
Lance made us a wonderful dinner of eggplant parmigiana that was delicious!  He only cooks a few meals, but he has them mastered.  
So cute!  
Matching daddy!  
My very Bingham looking baby.  
Another walk...
I saw this and had to caption it, "When people ask me how I'm doing raising twins." Haha!  
Zander at his Gold and Blue banquet for scouts.  It was a carnival theme.  
Auntie Mima made this collage for me of the many faces of Landon.  I love it!  I'm still waiting on one for Zachy Pants (wink wink).  
Daddy helping Zachy fall asleep.  
Being cute 
I found this baby picture of Zander Man and the similarities between him and Landon are adorable!  I didn't realize how much they looked alike until this picture.  So cute!!  
My blue eyed babe.  
Just playing... 
Our ultrasound video of the twins went viral!!  Yay!  As of now, it has close to 200 K views!  Marty jokes that soon I'll get recognized on the street!  
Big boys!  

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Twins turn 5 months!

Landon and Zachary turned 5 months in the middle of January!  We love watching these two grow and change.  They are the sweetest little boys and we can't imagine our family without them.