Monday, August 22, 2016

June Continued...

These two turned 10 months!!  Such sweet little babies.  Watching them grow is the best.  
Zachary Chase 
Landon Leonardo
So dapper in their new church digs.  
Lance's Uncle Gary and Aunt Shelley stayed here in Mount Pleasant for a family reunion with their children and spouses.  They were actually just a few houses down the road from us at a vacation rental.  They came over Sunday morning to have breakfast and then met up with us at church.   It was so much fun!!  They are really kind people and it was fun to get to know them better.  
Cute babies in cute pajamas.  
Our walk wore them out!  So cute! 
Sleepy heads!  
Zander and the twins playing.  I love it when every one is playing nicely together.  
Cute boy!  
These two love playing under the jumperoo.  Silly boys. 
Swing time 
Playing in the sand. 
My friend lost her grandma, and her, along with all her siblings paid the sweetest tribute to her on Facebook.  It was so tender to see what an amazing woman she must have been and how her passing now creates a void in the lives of her loved ones.  It really made me reflect on my own life and increased my desire to create relationships with my loved ones that are meaningful and rich.  I couldn't help but think of my own grandmother and how when it's her time to go, there won't be a void.  Her life hasn't been lived in the service or celebration of others.  And it's so sad.  But, I'm grateful to my friend's grandmother who's passing has taught me to be a better person.  So many of her grandchildren wrote that she was the most gracious woman, along with other sweet words.  I decided to look up 'gracious' and focus on those attributes. I love that it says 'well-manner' and 'pleasant.'  Wouldn't the world be such a better place if we could all be more pleasant and well-mannered?!  When I think of pleasant, I think of someone who rallies for others and rarely complains.  When I think of well-mannered, I think of those who respect other people's views and listen carefully when others talk.  
I love waking up to these two!  
We love Finley!  He's such a good friend.  
Baby wrestles!! 
Zander got to do this awesome day horse camp and he was in heaven!!  He painted the flag on this horse.  Good job, Zander!!  
He loves horses!! 
Doing some tricks 
Perfect form!  He's a natural.  
Oh yeah!!  

June 2016

June was a great month with lots of summer fun.  We love summer around here!  The twins love going to the park, swinging, and more than anything taking walks!  Zander loves swimming and getting out on his bike or scooter.  Having the twins sure complicates things, but we wouldn't change it for the world!  
That face though!  This baby has his momma's heart!
Oh this little boy!!  Such a sweet, sweet baby.  
Trouble!  These two love the notice maker.  
Landon's got his momma's gappy smile.  
Why so serious?!
Swinging in Ephraim.  
Grandma Carol Bertola passed away in June.  She had a beautiful service and most siblings were able to make it.  Here we are in the Bertola Boy Chug Club!  We love that Massimo is close in age to Landon and Zachy.  
Zander and Sasha were so cute at Grandma Carol's funeral and were putting all the flowers that had fallen down back up.  It was so sweet!  
Study study study!! I sent this picture to Lance one of the times he had taken the babies somewhere so I could study.  Looks fun, doesn't it?!  But in all seriousness, WGU is awesome!!  Being able to work on one class at a time is so genius and I love what I'm learning!!  Having taught ESL for the last two years of my teaching career has helped me enter the master's program with a great deal of background knowledge.  It's really been an amazing program!!  
My humble little garden.  
Cute, isn't he?!  He's all smiles whenever he creates messes.  
This boy loves our new bed!  Well, loves playing under it at least.  He'll sometimes stay under it for a while.  Silly boy!  
My favorite picture of Zachary Chase.  This baby melts me.  So so lucky to be his mom.  
Zachary and daddy at Zach's helmet appointment.  Zachy is rocking his helmet and improving greatly!! What a stud!  
Breakfast time!  I think it was scrambled eggs this particular morning.  These two love their messes.  
Bath time!!  Oh Landon, you are so cute!!  That smile makes my day!  
So cute!! 
Crazy hair!
All smiles!  We love sink baths.  
Landon Leonardo
Zachary Chase 
This kid's smile could sell just about anything.    
Oh that red hair!  
Here is our front bathroom after I decorated it.  Our old decor from our Orem bathroom clashed terribly with the colors of this bathroom, so I had to purchase all new things.  Not that I was complaining though!  Of course I love to save money, but it's so fun to revamp a room even if it means spending some money.  I've discovered that TJ Max and Burlington Coat Factory are awesome for cheap but adorable home decor.  
I love how it turned out.  
This baby can now reach the fireplace.  Uh oh!  We only use it on cold mornings, so I'm imagining he'll be better able to understand not to touch it come winter time.  
Little Costco run with my boys that turned into a fiasco...
Landon had a blowout and I didn't have anything to change him into except some winter sweats and a bib, lol!  It was so crazy-so I could tell he needed to be changed, so I take him along with the cart and Zachary into the bathroom while Zander waited outside at the pizza court. Once I got inside and got him up on the changing station, he kept wiggling around and it was so hard to change him.  Then Zach, in the cart a tiny bit away from me gets scared and starts crying.  Then a worker comes in and starts lecturing me about how I'm not suppose to have my cart in there.  Then a lady dries her hands and the machine was really loud and right by Zachary, so he gets scared and begins to howl.  All the while I'm still trying to get the sticky poo off Landon's back.   It was horrible!  But something to laugh about now.
Sweats and a bib!  
Costco cuties 
My garden growing along.  
Cutest little face trying to climb the stairs.  

Here we are in Walmart, happy that we were able to get the cool cart, but Landon kept taking Zach's toys so I eventfully had to separate them.
Ward softball game.  
Couldn't get both boys to look...
Happy Father's Day!!  Here's the boys with their present for Lance.  He loved it. 
The best three sons ever!! 
Zander's present to Lance was so creative-he wrote Lance a story!  It's so darling and Lance loves it.  
Pretty talented writer, that one!  
Handsome overload!  
These two love to play and chit chat when they should be sleeping.  
Park day!  
Swinging BFFs
Hi mom!  
It's so hard to get them to look for pictures.  Dang it!  
Aerial view of my daily life as a SAHM.  
Cool kid!  
Thinking face 
The boys now love stuffed animals.  Here's Landy with Kanga.  
The cords in the back...ahh!  Not sure how long those were like that.  They connect to the wii and one little tug and the whole unit falls with it.  
Momma's keys
This pic was in no way staged.  I went to BYU to get out and the college girls and guys were going crazy over my cute twins.  Hence the crowd that surrounded them!  
Zach loved all the attention, but Landon was a little weary.  
Zachy looks like every Bingham ever born!  I swear, everyday I see little glimmers of different family members.  Marty claims he's my identical twin.  This picture shows Kenna on the right and Zach on the left.  
Water party time on the back porch.  
Rolls for days...
Manti pageant-waiting for a band to start and having fun crawling on daddy.  
My babies 
Manti, Utah temple 
Daddy and his babies