Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Twins Turn 8 Months!!

           Landon Leonardo Bertola
*Scoots everywhere and gets into everything  
*Screams very high pitch 
*Loves to eat 
*Reaches for everything
*Doesn't like to snuggle
*Must know what's going on
*Has 7 teeth-they just keep coming
*Falls asleep on walks
*Loves his binky
*Steals toys from brother
*Loves his brothers
*Nearly impossible to change his diaper these days
*Splashes out all his bath water
*Most charming little smile
*Tommy pickles look alike 
*Loves his jumperoo
*Baby blue eyes get noticed
*Loves to play with a toy as he's balancing his baba in his mouth and drinking
*Pretty content on the floor with his toys
*Loves to eat.  Finger foods have been so much fun with him. 
*Loves silly songs and when mommy dances for him.
*Love being in daddy's office 
*Hates it when mommy does her hair or puts on make up-cries to be scooped up the whole time 

           Zachary Chase Bertola
*Two teeth 
*Cutest little helmet head.  He'll need his helmet for 3 months to round his head out.  
*Loves food
*Kisses like ultimate fighter-grabs you with both hands and pulls you in
*Kicks off socks
*Loves stories
*Scrunches nose for smiles
*Hates nose blow
*Gags yogurt bites 
*Loves to go anywhere 
*Loves walks
*Rolls around everywhere
*Doesn't like binkies  
*Loves when mom sings silly songs 
*Deep voice 
*Baby jack jack from the incredibles lookalike
*Loves to snuggle
*Little appetite even though he's my chunker
*Loves meeting new people
Always kicking off his socks 
*Only likes binky if he's taken it from Landon
*Loves his brothers
*Claps and sings to himself
*Shakes his head no
*Screams like he's being tortured the second mommy puts him down 
*No scooting or crawling yet.  
*Gets on tummy with arms and legs sprawled out but hasn't figured out how to move yet

Monday, April 25, 2016

March 2016

Zachary loves going to Zander's soccer games.  Here's the two brothers bonding after the game.  
My three cuties 
Rub-a-dub-dub twins in a tub.  
Baby food face on Mr. Landon!
My sister Melissa made me the sweetest birthday present.  She got me a willow tree figurine to represent each of my little angels and wrote me the sweetest poem ever.  I have it in my bathroom and I cry every time I read it.  I love it!  
Family bowling time!  Ephraim has a fun bowling alley with a little restaurant.  Lance and Zander are great little bowlers, and had a good time laughing at how awful I am at bowling.  
I love this picture!  It was taken when Dallas and Sarah came to visit us.  
Sleeping babe.  
Twinsies in diapies!  
Baba time 
Mr. Blue Eyes
They were suppose to be sleeping and this is what I find-two giggling babes talking to each other through their cribs. 
Future mechanic?  
Cuties in their big boy jammies.  
Zach trying to make his escape.  
Landon and Zachary's first time on swings!  They really liked it.  Once we get to Utah County, there's an awesome park in Spanish Fork right by the Costco.  
Laughing baby in a swing!  
Story time with daddy.  He's the best daddy ever!
The cuteness of this picture kills me!  I love these boys sooo much.  
I was trying to read a story to the twins at the library and Landon showed me how interested he was by rolling away.  
Zander and I love Harry Potter!  We try to read it every night.  
Early morning milk by the fireplace.  We LOVE having a fireplace.  It's so cozy.  
Mommy and her Zachary.  
My little ham hamming it up!  This kid is so much fun.
"Nap time"
Babas at the mall!  I love how easy it is to feed these babies anywhere.  And I love how they hold their own bottles!  Yay!  
Easter pictures!!  Our friend Ashli from our ward was so kind to let us come over and use her little Easter set up to take pictures. They turned out so darling.  I have some beautiful boys.  
Landy Lou loves to hold things as he eats.  
Zachy, too. 
I went blonder!  I've been loving it.  
Silly little boy! 
Peek a boo, Zachary!  
Too cool for words!  We were planning a Cali/Arizona trip and the boys had so much fun trying on their beach attire.  
One cool dude!!
I love this picture! 
Trying our floaties out in our huge tub.  
One of my favorite pictures of Landon and Lance.  
Zachary Chase got fitted for his helmet and was such a trooper!  He was all smiles.  
Zachary loves doing tricks with dad.  
Landon Leonardo giving mommy a footrub!  Thanks, son!  
Zachy on top, daddy on the bottom.  Everyone thought Zach was all mom, but apparently he looks just like daddy's baby pics.  Two darling babies right here.  
Oh the cuteness!  
Little man fell asleep while drinking his baba.