Saturday, April 18, 2015

Big Brother Gets a Big Surprise - Twins

We decided to tell Zander we were pregnant once we learned we were having twins!!!!  We were 9/10 weeks along, and had just found out there were two little babies ourselves!!!  This video was taken back on January 19th--Lance's birthday and the day we found out we were expecting TWINS!!!

He wasn't happy at first....but by the end of the day, he was THRILLED!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Gender Reveal...TWO BOYS!!!

On March 23rd we had our gender reveal appointment!  All three of us anticipated we would have one boy and one girl--boy were we surprised when we saw two perfect little BOYS!!!  We were a bit shocked...but so HAPPY!!!  Both of you looked so healthy and beautiful!  Baby A was revealed first and gave us some cute little movements, especially with his legs.  Baby B was kicking his little legs and I could see that he was a boy before the ultrasound tech said anything.

We loved calling our family members and telling them that we were having two little BOYS!  Two perfect little blessings!

14 Week Appointment

Our 14 week appointment was a lot of fun!  Now everyone knew our news and we could talk about it!  No more hiding Mommy's stomach!

We got to meet with Dr. Young and he asked us some fun questions to see how I was feeling.  It's so wonderful that I've been so healthy this pregnancy!  He was very patient with our questions and took all the time we needed.

We got to see our twiners, again!  It never gets old seeing their cute profiles and hearing their healthy heartbeats.  These two are truly miracles!!  Baby A's heartbeat was 167 bpm and this time he decided to move his little arms a little for us!  It was so fun to see him move.  Baby B's heartbeat was 158 bpm, and Dr. Young had a hard time finding it because he would not stop moving!  Both his arms and legs were going crazy!  He loves to move!

(Disclaimer: I'm typing this since we've found out the genders but during this stage in the pregnancy we didn't know they were boys just yet :) )

Our Announcement

Since our twiners are our lil' IVF miracle babies, we wanted to do an announcement that showed that.  Lance came up with the idea to do a science-themed picture and I came up with the caption, "Our Greatest Experiment Yet...Coming Sept 2015!"  We did the photo shoot at UVU's chemistry lab and had such a blast! The head chemist showed Zander some awesome science experiments, and Zander left saying that he can't wait until he's in chemistry!  How's that for a win!

This was the picture we decided to use, and everyone loved it!  We got so many complements on Facebook about how creative it was!  We loved announcing and sharing our twins with the rest of the world!

12 Week Appointment

Our 12 week appointment was a little bit different because at 9 weeks we graduated from the fertility center and needed to choose a doctor who would be with us for the duration of the pregnancy.  We had a few in mind that we had heard great reviews about, and we ultimately decided to go back to Dr. David Young, the doctor who performed my laposcopy surgery in 2013.  He is with the Central Utah Women's Clinic, which is funny because when Zander was still in his mommy's stomach, that's where they went.  Lance and I really wanted a midwife to work along with the doctor, but with twins we weren't given that option-it's just that much more risky.

Our initial appointment with the Central Utah Women's Clinic took place on February 18th.  They asked Lance and I a lot of questions and checked my urine and blood to make sure both mommy and the babies were healthy.  Everything checked out very well!

At the very end of the appointment we got to see the twiners!  Both of them looked so beautiful and healthy, with heartbeats at 158 bpm for both of you!  Little baby A was super calm and looked angelic, and baby B was having a party and moving around like crazy!!  We are so excited to meet you two and see if your personalities continue to follow what we've seen in the ultrasounds.

The Big Brother

Zander knew from the beginning that we wanted to have a baby and that we were running into some trouble.  He was always so sweet and tender when my emotions ran high and I was in an infertility funk.  He was my little rock when I got discouraged and felt as if it might not ever happen.  He said to me one day, "Heavenly Father will bless us with a baby, why wouldn't he?"  It was so sweet and made me feel a lot better.

When we did IVF, we decided not to tell him until we had good news and had been pregnant for a little while.  As our 7 week appointment got closer, we contemplated taking him with us, but decided not to on the day of.

Once we got home from the appointment where we had learned we were having twins, we knew it was time to tell him.  We sat him down and had him watch the video of the appointment.  Before the video was actually started, I kept laughing and he kept asking what was so funny.  My thoughts were that his life was about to change so drastically!  He loved being the only child with us, so twins was quite the change!

When the video got to the part where the lady said there were two babies, he said, "TWO???"  Slapped his hand to his head and fell backwards on the couch.  It was a classic reaction!!  He kept asking us why two, why not one--we told him that it wasn't our choice!

Despite his initial reaction of being overwhelmed with the prospect of two siblings, he fell in love with the idea only days later!!   Here is a conversation I had with him over text a week after he found out he was going to be a big brother to twins!  

10 Week Appointment with Twins

Our 9/10 week appointment (February 4, 2015) was beautiful!  We were greeted with two beautiful babies on the screen with healthy, strong heartbeats.

Little baby A looked so darling-just like a little gummy bear.  We could see the little arm and leg buds-the little shape was more like a baby!  Baby A was very still during the ultrasound and looked beautiful!  The heartbeat was 172 bpm, and was a miraculous sound to hear.

Little baby B was so excited to be on the television-he/she kept moving his/her arm buds!  It was such a beautiful sight to see them moving.  Our little babies we're alive and growing!   Baby B looked so chubby!  Just like a chubby little gummy bear with little arms and legs. The heartbeat was 179 and sounded like heaven!  

Both of our little miracles looked so gorgeous!  As much as we're excited to meet you, I love having you two growing in my tummy.  It's the greatest blessing a woman could have.

We love you, twiners!

Baby A 
Baby B