Wednesday, August 24, 2016

July 2016

July was good to us with lots of fun summer activities!  
Mari and Rafael got sealed in the Provo City Temple.  We are so happy for them.  
These twins love their horsey 
I love this!  
Zachy in Uncle Shane's foam pit.  
Photo bombed by dad 
Landon loved the foam pit.  
The babies looking like older kids with Hudson, Shasha and Zander. 
Zach loves to be by Zander.  
Cuties at church. 
Holding hands 
Pure joy as daddy pushes him.  
Lance and I at the 4th of July parade in Mount Pleasant.  
Zander wasn't with us this 4th of July, but we had a lot of fun playing with the twiners.  Mari, Rafael, Dallas, Sarah, Brian and Amy all came down later that day.  We had a ton of fun making lunch together and going to the little activities at the park.  Too bad I forgot to get a picture.  
Cute babies waiting for our walk.  They get so excited when they see the stroller.  
Bath time 
These two love to play with the books.  They still get pretty distracted when I read to them, but hopefully soon they'll have a longer attention span.  
Landon learning about what Uncle Timmy does all day.  
Always chatting with each other.  
Garden growing along.  This was right before the bugs got to it and destroyed it.  Lame!  It was fun while it lasted.  
Where'd your sock go Zachy?!  
Darling little boys sitting patiently at Lagoon.  We decided to have a staycation since Jessi moved from Cali this summer and California just wouldn't be the same without them. Our staycation included Lagoon and Hogle Zoo.  We had a blast!  
Zander and I on a ride. 
Funny faces 
Dad and Zander 
Me relaxing with the boys while Lance and Zander went on some run rides.  
Zander loved the go carts.  
The boys saw some ducks and thought they were pretty cool.  
Zachy's little model pose.  
Zander and I loved this ride!
All zonked out! 
Lagoon has a fun water park.  The babies felt so/so about it. Haha!  
Fussy boys
Nice after swim hair dos.  
Happy boys!
This was one of our favorites!!  
Zander took over with the babies so Lance and I could go on a ride together.  It was so fun to be on a ride with just him.  It's crazy how hard it is to find couple time when you have younger kids.  
Zander was reluctantly taken on this ride by his father but decided he loved it!  
Almost as big as the smallest bear.  
Cute little Landy Lou 
My little Zachy Chase 
Zander practicing to be a meerkat.  
We love the Hogle Zoo!  It was a hot day and we were still a little pooped from going to Lagoon the day before but we had fun.  Maybe next year we'll plan the big activities with some down days In between.  
My favorite picture of Zachy.  I love you, baby! 
Oh no!!  This little monkey got into the snacks.  
Water time.  We love having a patio and being able to play out there in the summer time.  
The twins turned 11 months in July!!  
Oh how I love this sweet little boy.  
A little excited to be going to the rodeo.  
It was just the three of us!  It was awesome to spend time with just Zander.  Just like old times.  
Little dude got into the tissues.  
But he's still so dang cute!!
The invitation for the twins' first birthday party! I love how it turned out.  I ordered it off Etsy and plugged in all our information and attached this darling picture of the boys.  
This is how Zachary decided to sit in the cart at Walmart.  Silly boy. 
They are so much fun to take places.  A ton of work, but so much fun!  
One evening the twins and I set out on a walk with a few dark clouds overhead, but thought we'd be okay.  Well only about 5 minutes later we had a downpour!!  I was trying to make it to the pharmacy that's about 10 minutes from our house.  I knew there was a liklihood it was already closed but I thought it was worth a try.  Well, we made it to the pharmacy to discover it was closed and then it really started coming down, so we stayed there for about 10 minutes hoping it would pass.  Good thing it had a covered little entry way that kept us safe from the crazy rain storm.  We darted home after the worst was over and we're able to avoid getting soaked.  
Playing in the sand at the park.  
Oh mister Zachary 
Sink bath for the boys.  It's rather crazy trying to bathe them in the sink (or anywhere really) because they grab for everything.  But they really seem to like playing in the sink since they can play with the faucet and control the water.  
Zachy on the horse. 
Daddy has taken the babies on a few bike rides in their new baby trailer.  They look so big!  
Landon and mommy snuggles 
Mr. Cool 
This was so funny-Zach had two toys in either hand when I put him in his highchair and he would not let go-meaning this was the only way he could eat his food!  It was so cute!  These boys make me so happy.  
July was full of party planning!  I got these for the photo booth and they ended up being a hit!  
Daddy ran into Lowes and we were left to play in the car.  Little man decided he was old enough to drive.  
Having a snack at the park on Pioneer Day.  We went down to Utah County to go to the Brown's cul de sac of fire.  It was so fun to see everyone.  
Landon what's on your head baby?!  I guess that's where he likes to store his bread.  
My view as I was getting ready one morning.  Usually they're all over the bathroom and bedroom and the majority of my time is spent redirecting them.  
Haircut time!!  Zachy was not liking it.  
Landon's before picture.  They're hair has gotten pretty wild.  But oh so cute!  
Landon was feeling it a little more than Zachy.  
Such a funny picture.  
I order these shirts off of Etsy and how I love them!!  They are the cutest!! 
New gate!  These two need to be confined.  They are in to EVERYTHING!  
We put up the swings!  The babies really like them as evident by the smiles.  
Besties after a bath 

I was able to complete another class in July!  I'm loving this masters program!!  Go to WGU-you won't regret it.  
Zachy with a baby picture of Marty for comparison.  Can you see it?!  
Landon and Uncle MarMar 
The girls!!!!  Maddie and Amanda came down for a few days and it was such a BLAST!!!!!!  They are the sweetest, kindest, most loving girls.  They just adore my children and it makes me so happy.  It's such a blessing to me.  Their trip down was definitely the highlight of the summer. Seeing them drive away was so hard.  I need to live by family.  
Here we are at the Manti pool.  We went there one of their days here and had a lot of fun.  Doesn't Zachy look cute in mommy's hat?!  
Landon's got mommy's sunnies.  
Ah little cowboy.  
These girls are the best.  So helpful.  
The boys love the fountains.  
Tim and Dawn were driving through and stopped for a while to visit.  It was fun!  
My girls. 
Me and Mandy 
I miss them so much.  
Prettied up my sink.  Makes doing dishes a bit easier.  
My kitchen helpers.  How did I ever get anything done without them?!  Wink wink 
Landon found the remote, managed to turn the tv on, and here you can see him and Zachy are pretty happy about it.  
We had family pictures taken and created a gallery for the living room.