Tuesday, November 24, 2015

3 Months

On November 12th, the babies turned 3 months!  

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Twins' Blessing

On November 1st, Lance had the opportunity of giving the twins a name and a blessing.  It was very special.  He talked about how they were long awaited and came to the earth at the same time.  He talked about how they'd always have a friend in each other.  He also mentioned how the savior would always be there for them, and that they needed to rely on him.  It was beautiful.  These two make our family complete.  


I told Lyzzie the other week that nothing could have prepared me for how hard it is.  She agreed.  It got me pondering on my life before the babies came, and the different lessons I've learned.  The one thing that is comparable to having children is my mission.  The mission was all encompassing and difficult, so much that it easily compares to motherhood.  I look back on my mission with some honest regrets-I could have worked a little harder, I could have studied a little more, I could have thought about home a lot less, I could have thought less about boys back at home, I could have forgotten myself a lot more, I could have been mentally there a lot more, etc, etc.  I own these regrets, they are mine; and they taught me and continue to teach me.

 I don't want to look back on my children's childhood with regrets.  I know I will because I still have so much growing to do myself, but why learn the same lessons twice?  I want to mentally and physically be present.  This is their childhood and I want to put myself off for them.  I want each day to be better than the one before it.  These days will eventually be numbered, and I'll be a lot older looking back at them-hopefully my regrets will be few and I'll be able to say that I was the best mom I could have been.   

Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

This was Landon and Zachary's first Halloween!  I decided to dress them up as little firemen and it turned out sooo cute!!  Here they are at the Greenwood Halloween carnival! 
The twiners with Gus
Mommy's little firemen.  I love these two so much!  
Aunt Mima was here for the ward Halloween carnival and helped me get the boys ready.  Doesn't fireman Zach look so cute?!?!  
Fireman Landon-so adorable!  
All tuckered out after fighting the fire!  

Saturday, October 31, 2015

We Love Aunt Melissa!

We were so lucky to have Aunt Melissa come the week before Halloween and stay with us for a few days!!  We loved every minute of it!  She spoiled all three boys rotten and allowed me to get some rest.  The boys love her and can't wait to see her again.  

We made this countdown about 23 days before Aunt Melissa got here!  Zander loved pulling a chain link off every day.  
Aunt Melissa holding Zachary and Landon right after she got here. 
Melissa helped me get the boys ready for the ward Halloween carnival.  Look at little fireman Zach!  
Aunt Mima with her boys.  
They loved every second of it!  
Landon boy and his aunty.  

Please come back!!  We miss you already.  

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Life Recently--October 2015

Two brothers in fireman jammies.  
Zach says, "Hello!"
Landon smiling so cute for the camera!  
Landon says peace!  
My new favorite picture!
I love babies in diapers!  Zach is no exception:)
Look at that belly!  One healthy boy.  :)
Brotherly love-Zander is smitten with these two and is so helpful!
I love Halloween!  I surprised Zander with these one day for lunch.  He loved it!  
Lance and I snuck away for a date night. We went to the Covey Center for the Arts and saw Sleepy Hallow.  
Emma Sell and Zander made cinnamon rolls.  They were super yummy!  
I tried to get a twin and mommy selfie-it was a little dark, but turned out cute nonetheless!  Love these two!  

Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Twins are Two Months

And it came to pass that the twin boys of the family of Bertola, did reach the second month of life and did gain strength and stature. Yeah, they did grow exceedingly, even the ninety and ninth percentile for length and circumference of the head for the twin Zachary, and ninety and second percentile for length and ninety and ninth percentile for the circumference of the head for the twin Landon. 

In terms of provisions, the twins boys did require much, therefore, the agents of amazon did prepare to replenish the provision of huggies weekly. Yeah, and the abundance of shipping remnants began to overflow the garage. 

And it came to pass the parents of the twin boys did wax exceedingly weary because of their want for rest; therefore they did look with steadfastness unto the time in which the young infants would experience the deep sleep foretold, yeah, the sleep which last from sundown until the the early morning hours of day. Notwithstanding their affliction, they were deeply blessed with joy and the Lord did look upon them with kindness and sent forth his spirit to sustain them and bless them with strength. Yeah, they did live after the manner of happiness and did delight in their posterity.