Monday, June 15, 2015

28 Weeks with Twins

Another little update on our favorite twins!  

Third trimester here we are!!  It is so fun and amazing to be at this stage in the pregnancy.  I'm so grateful to experience two little babies growing inside me-it's something that I never take for granted because there were times I thought it really might not ever happen.  The human body is an amazing thing and I've been very impressed to see what mine has done to accommodate these two little boys.

We had an appointment just this past week and we proudly announce that they are both weighing 2 pounds 14 ounces-little oinkers!!  It's so wonderful to have them on the large side-with twin pregnancies you never know when you'll need to deliver, so I'll gladly deal with the discomforts of two large babies.  My tummy measured 34 weeks which is right where it should be for a twin pregnancy.  

Some fun stats: 

How far along? 28 Weeks
Favorite thing about being pregnant lately: The boys don't really kick as much as they slither around with their limbs sticking out every which way-it's both endearing and creepy.  lol!  Despite it's initial creepiness, it's been so fun to feel them.  
Maternity clothes? I found some adorable shirts from Old Navy for super cheap!  Old Navy is the place to go!  Only wish I had gone sooner.   
Stretch marks? Surprisingly not yet.  My stomach is very stretched out so I keep expecting them, but so far nothing.  
Sleep: It has been very hard to get comfortable with the big belly, and throw the summer heat into the mix and it's quite miserable.  I also feel like I can't breath when I lay down which adds to the discomforts.  
Miss Anything?  I've been trying to get my house in order and my desires are stronger than what my body is currently capable of.  I've been getting very light headed so after even the simplest of tasks require me to sit down after.  I wish I could just zip through and organize and clean as much as I'd like.  It's hard to have the time but not be able to use it up.  
Symptoms:  snoring (so embarrassing), light headedness, exhaustion, nesting, peeing constantly
Food cravings: Anything sweet, cereal, crepes, donuts
Weight Gain: Somewhere around 38 pounds-Scale seems to say something different every day.   
What I'm looking mostly looking forward to: Lately I've been having fun looking at all the adorable clothes we got from the showers and imagining their little bodies in them!  I can't wait to see what they look like and how big they'll be once they're born!  It should be less than 10 weeks now--so crazy!!
Names: Zander and I still really love Landon William and Zachary Maximus, but Lance still wants to explore other names.  Some of the new names that have been added to the mix are Cameron, Leonardo, Blaze, Blake, and Wesley.  

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Living Planet Aquarium

After wanting to visit the new aquarium for a while-we finally made it!  The mobil aquarium visited Greenwood Elementary and I helped out and by so doing, I scored two free tickets!  It was awesome!  

We loved seeing the different animals and learning fun facts about them.  One of our favorite things about the new aquarium was the 4D theatre there.  We watched a fun animated turtle tale and enjoyed getting squirted with water, blasted with air, and all the other typical 3D pop outs.  


Monday, May 18, 2015

24 Weeks with Twins

Just a little update on our favorite twins!  

These past few weeks we have been feeling the babies kick like crazy!!  It's so magical!  I first felt them kick while we were on the cruise at 19 weeks.  Baby B gave the first kick on our 4 year anniversary-yet another special day!  And his brother gave a good kick 2 days later!  I had been dying for the kicks to come since everyone's latest question had become, "Are you feeling them kick yet?" It put the subject on my mind and I looked so forward to it!  I love it!  Little Baby Boy B has always been so much more active in the ultrasounds than Baby A, and of course he kicks about 2x more than Baby A.  We are so excited to see if these boys' personalities follow what we've seen/felt so far...Only 12-14 weeks left to go!  Crazy!      

Some fun stats: 

How far along? 24 Weeks
Favorite thing about being pregnant:  Knowing there are two little boys growing in me that are half me and half my husband!  Feeling them kick and move!  Zander talking to my stomach in a baby voice!  How excited my little family is about the twins!  
Maternity clothes? Just about nothing fits anymore, thank you weight gain.  Work has been the hardest to dress for and I find myself wearing a lot of the same outfits each week.  It will be nice in two weeks when school gets out and I don't have to worry about looking "professional' anymore.  At home, you'll usually find me in a t-shirt and comfy/yoga pants.   
Stretch marks? None yet, but I think they are coming.  Super itchy skin!  
Sleep: Sleep has been hit and miss-sometimes I sleep great, and sometimes I wake up and can't fall back asleep.  I don't know how much of it is related to pregnancy, though.  
Miss Anything?  Being more mobil, my cute clothes, being able to get things off the floor without it taking a few seconds, breathing easily.  
Symptoms:  Nerve pain in my back-mainly on the right side, painless contractions, exhaustion, weight gain
Food cravings: Anything sweet, Dr. Pepper (Don't worry-I'm not drinking it, just really wanting it), Costa Vida, crepes, cereal, pizza
Weight Gain: 35 pounds 
What I'm looking mostly looking forward to: Lately, I've been really wondering what they will look like.  I can't help but picture two little Zanders!!  The Gardner Quad Mom did a Facebook post with one baby and said, "Guess which baby!"  I thought that was so cute and I hope they look enough alike that I can do the same posts once they're here!  

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Big Brother Gets a Big Surprise - Twins

We decided to tell Zander we were pregnant once we learned we were having twins!!!!  We were 9/10 weeks along, and had just found out there were two little babies ourselves!!!  This video was taken back on January 19th--Lance's birthday and the day we found out we were expecting TWINS!!!

He wasn't happy at first....but by the end of the day, he was THRILLED!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Gender Reveal...TWO BOYS!!!

On March 23rd we had our gender reveal appointment!  All three of us anticipated we would have one boy and one girl--boy were we surprised when we saw two perfect little BOYS!!!  We were a bit shocked...but so HAPPY!!!  Both of you looked so healthy and beautiful!  Baby A was revealed first and gave us some cute little movements, especially with his legs.  Baby B was kicking his little legs and I could see that he was a boy before the ultrasound tech said anything.

We loved calling our family members and telling them that we were having two little BOYS!  Two perfect little blessings!

14 Week Appointment

Our 14 week appointment was a lot of fun!  Now everyone knew our news and we could talk about it!  No more hiding Mommy's stomach!

We got to meet with Dr. Young and he asked us some fun questions to see how I was feeling.  It's so wonderful that I've been so healthy this pregnancy!  He was very patient with our questions and took all the time we needed.

We got to see our twiners, again!  It never gets old seeing their cute profiles and hearing their healthy heartbeats.  These two are truly miracles!!  Baby A's heartbeat was 167 bpm and this time he decided to move his little arms a little for us!  It was so fun to see him move.  Baby B's heartbeat was 158 bpm, and Dr. Young had a hard time finding it because he would not stop moving!  Both his arms and legs were going crazy!  He loves to move!

(Disclaimer: I'm typing this since we've found out the genders but during this stage in the pregnancy we didn't know they were boys just yet :) )

Our Announcement

Since our twiners are our lil' IVF miracle babies, we wanted to do an announcement that showed that.  Lance came up with the idea to do a science-themed picture and I came up with the caption, "Our Greatest Experiment Yet...Coming Sept 2015!"  We did the photo shoot at UVU's chemistry lab and had such a blast! The head chemist showed Zander some awesome science experiments, and Zander left saying that he can't wait until he's in chemistry!  How's that for a win!

This was the picture we decided to use, and everyone loved it!  We got so many complements on Facebook about how creative it was!  We loved announcing and sharing our twins with the rest of the world!