Tuesday, June 17, 2014

In His Timing

Trying to gain a better understanding of the Lord's timing is precisely what I'm seeking to do right now.  It's so difficult to look at our wonderful lives and not have a baby be a part of it.  But I know God is in it all.  I want so badly to solidify my knowledge that He's in control and His timing is always best. 

The timing with which Lance and I met was amazing.  I know the Lord's hand was in it, and that it was the exact day that He wanted us three brought together to be an eternal family.  There was no coincidence about it.  Now my infertility (look, I said it infertility) constantly brings me to my knees and helps me remember that nothing is in my control.  But it's in His control, and that knowledge helps me to see the bigger picture.

My heart, arms and womb yearn for another child, but all is in His hands.  He's blessed Lance and I with the knowledge that a baby will come-we don't know when, but we know it will happen.  Now it's our responsibility and privilege to build our faith upon that blessing and allow it to grow.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Color Festival 2014

Throwing chalk+getting filthy+loud music=one happy eight year old boy! 

Henry Bear

On January 15th we got Henry, a fancy bear hamster.  Zander and I really wanted a kitten, but Lance said no, so we talked him into a small caged animal.  Before we got him, Lance wanted Zander and I to do as much research as possible in order to find which rodent would be best.  We went to the library and got TONS of books and after much reading, decided on a hamster.  Our first visit to the pet store led us to this little guy and it was love at first sight!  He is a lot of fun and has been a good little pet.  Welcome to our family, Henry! 

Smarty Pants

Zander got straight A's this semester!  He's a smart boy and works very hard!  His teacher, Mrs. Adamson said that he is very helpful and just about everyone chose him on the 'Who is a good friend to you in the class' part of the class surveys.  Way to go Z! 

Krispy Kreme gives one doughnut per A on your report card.  Thanks for the yummy breakfast smarty pants!! 

Baseball Season is Here!

 This little guy just signed up for his first season of baseball!  Yesterday he had tryouts at Salem Elementary and did great.  He is hoping to be selected as a pitcher-we'll see what happens.  Lance and I are thrilled to go to his games and watch him play.  We have been playing ball with him for over a year now, so he's more than ready.  Good luck, Zander!! 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Halloween 2013

Mr. Zander got to be with us this Halloween and we all had so much fun!  He chose to be Honest Abe and Lance and I were Mr. and Mrs. Waldo.  Since Where's Waldo is a semi-disappearing character, I figured the majority of my younger students wouldn't know who he was.  So, about two weeks before the holiday, I got two Where's Waldo books from the city library and let my kids look at them as a reward.  It was such a hit!  Those simple books were so much fun, and a simple way to get students to work harder.  I rechecked them out a couple times, and it didn't get old for some time.  

 For as long as I can remember, Halloween has always been my favorite holiday.  My best friend growing up and I would always go to extremes with our costumes and have so much fun trick or treating.  Some of my most favorite childhood memories come from Halloween nights.  Now, as an adult I love to celebrate with my little family and students.  Being an elementary school teacher is the best around Halloween time!  

This year we went trick or treating with the Evans around the Provo Temple.  It was perfect!  

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Special Delivery...

It has been a long journey, with many tears, prayers and fasts.  But alas, we are so happy to announce that Zander officially lives in Utah!  He has been living here since the summer, in a city called Fairview.  It is about an hour away, and what this means is that we will ge to see our little guy every weekend with the exception of one a month.  We are still a bit in shock, but ever so happy!  The Lord answers prayers.  

Zander himself spares no time telling us how happy he is to be here.  He has wanted this for a long time as well.  Our little family has loved being able to be together.  The Lord is so great!