Monday, August 22, 2016

June Continued...

These two turned 10 months!!  Such sweet little babies.  Watching them grow is the best.  
Zachary Chase 
Landon Leonardo
So dapper in their new church digs.  
Lance's Uncle Gary and Aunt Shelley stayed here in Mount Pleasant for a family reunion with their children and spouses.  They were actually just a few houses down the road from us at a vacation rental.  They came over Sunday morning to have breakfast and then met up with us at church.   It was so much fun!!  They are really kind people and it was fun to get to know them better.  
Cute babies in cute pajamas.  
Our walk wore them out!  So cute! 
Sleepy heads!  
Zander and the twins playing.  I love it when every one is playing nicely together.  
Cute boy!  
These two love playing under the jumperoo.  Silly boys. 
Swing time 
Playing in the sand. 
My friend lost her grandma, and her, along with all her siblings paid the sweetest tribute to her on Facebook.  It was so tender to see what an amazing woman she must have been and how her passing now creates a void in the lives of her loved ones.  It really made me reflect on my own life and increased my desire to create relationships with my loved ones that are meaningful and rich.  I couldn't help but think of my own grandmother and how when it's her time to go, there won't be a void.  Her life hasn't been lived in the service or celebration of others.  And it's so sad.  But, I'm grateful to my friend's grandmother who's passing has taught me to be a better person.  So many of her grandchildren wrote that she was the most gracious woman, along with other sweet words.  I decided to look up 'gracious' and focus on those attributes. I love that it says 'well-manner' and 'pleasant.'  Wouldn't the world be such a better place if we could all be more pleasant and well-mannered?!  When I think of pleasant, I think of someone who rallies for others and rarely complains.  When I think of well-mannered, I think of those who respect other people's views and listen carefully when others talk.  
I love waking up to these two!  
We love Finley!  He's such a good friend.  
Baby wrestles!! 
Zander got to do this awesome day horse camp and he was in heaven!!  He painted the flag on this horse.  Good job, Zander!!  
He loves horses!! 
Doing some tricks 
Perfect form!  He's a natural.  
Oh yeah!!  

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