Tuesday, June 17, 2014

In His Timing

Trying to gain a better understanding of the Lord's timing is precisely what I'm seeking to do right now.  It's so difficult to look at our wonderful lives and not have a baby be a part of it.  But I know God is in it all.  I want so badly to solidify my knowledge that He's in control and His timing is always best. 

The timing with which Lance and I met was amazing.  I know the Lord's hand was in it, and that it was the exact day that He wanted us three brought together to be an eternal family.  There was no coincidence about it.  Now my infertility (look, I said it infertility) constantly brings me to my knees and helps me remember that nothing is in my control.  But it's in His control, and that knowledge helps me to see the bigger picture.

My heart, arms and womb yearn for another child, but all is in His hands.  He's blessed Lance and I with the knowledge that a baby will come-we don't know when, but we know it will happen.  Now it's our responsibility and privilege to build our faith upon that blessing and allow it to grow.