Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Color Festival 2014

Throwing chalk+getting filthy+loud music=one happy eight year old boy! 

Henry Bear

On January 15th we got Henry, a fancy bear hamster.  Zander and I really wanted a kitten, but Lance said no, so we talked him into a small caged animal.  Before we got him, Lance wanted Zander and I to do as much research as possible in order to find which rodent would be best.  We went to the library and got TONS of books and after much reading, decided on a hamster.  Our first visit to the pet store led us to this little guy and it was love at first sight!  He is a lot of fun and has been a good little pet.  Welcome to our family, Henry! 

Smarty Pants

Zander got straight A's this semester!  He's a smart boy and works very hard!  His teacher, Mrs. Adamson said that he is very helpful and just about everyone chose him on the 'Who is a good friend to you in the class' part of the class surveys.  Way to go Z! 

Krispy Kreme gives one doughnut per A on your report card.  Thanks for the yummy breakfast smarty pants!! 

Baseball Season is Here!

 This little guy just signed up for his first season of baseball!  Yesterday he had tryouts at Salem Elementary and did great.  He is hoping to be selected as a pitcher-we'll see what happens.  Lance and I are thrilled to go to his games and watch him play.  We have been playing ball with him for over a year now, so he's more than ready.  Good luck, Zander!!