Sunday, September 27, 2015

Family Cruise Vacation (April 2015)

Since the twins were due to arrive at the end of the summer, we decided to take Zander on a special vacation!  Knowing it'd be our last opportunity with him as our only child, we decided to go big!  We planned an awesome cruise and then surprised him! I He was so excited--he kept saying that he thought he was going to cry!  We left out of Texas and traveled to Roatan, Honduras; Belize City, Belize; and Cozumel, Mexico.  We loved every second of it and made hundreds of fun memories! 
And we're off!  Flying to Texas.  
Going to get on the ship!  
Waiting for our floor to open up.  Lots of luggage!  I was 19 weeks along with the twins.  
Cruise food is the best when you're 9 and when you're pregnant!  
Zander was in heaven!  
My favorite dessert.  
Zander's age group was called the Voyagers and he loved it!  He met some cool kids and liked spending time there!
Vroom vroom!  
Even I got in on the fun!  
Zander enjoying the cold swimming pool.  
Fancy night 
Cute tiny baby bump.  So little compared to what it would become!
One of Zander's favorite parts-the towel animals!  
Snorkel time!  Our favorite family activity. 
Pizza and soda in Roatan!  We loved it there!  
Beach Babes
Heading to Belize City.  
Cool kids! 
Swamp ride to the ruins.  There were alligators in that water!  Yikes!  
did a lot of sitting... 
We made it to the top!  It was so hot and humid.  
Sitting again...
Our awesome tour guide.  
The most delicious lunch.  It made me miss Ecuador.  
Z man in front of our massive ship!  It was a great place to spend 6 days!  
Cozumel, Mexico
Lance and Zander love coconut water!  Such a fun treat to drink it out of the actual coconut! 
One cool dude!  
Big guns 
Second fancy night

No lobster for the pregnant girl.  I didn't mind:) 
Rock climbing 
Ice skating!  
Holy guacamole!  
Playing cards on the deck!  
Mini golf
And we're done!  We loved it and can't wait for our next cruise:)