Saturday, January 16, 2016

December and January

December and January brought about some serious changes for our family. In January, we relocated to Mount Pleasant, Utah in order to be closer to Zander.  As I took these pictures in December, I had no idea they would be our last pictures of our beloved Orem home.  We miss Utah County greatly, but we're hoping to find our place here in Sanpete County.  
We tried that Pinterest idea of unwrapping one Christmas story each night in December...yeah, it was a fail.  Zander was just too old for it and could care less.  Lol!  
Zander and I went out on a mommy/son date and had a blast!  We saw Goosebumps and got dinner at JCWs.  It was really nice to have some one on one time with him since the twins have been born.  Twins are so busy and it's really hard to find time for anything else, so I'm grateful we were able to get out.  
Zander looking handsome at JCWs.  
These two killing it in their beanies and binkies!  Zach loves to hold his hands like so-I love it!  
Zach's little Mohawk before we cut it.  
Gotta have the mommy son selfies.  
"Zachary your hair looks so nice!"
My little twiners.  This was at the ward Christmas party.  Little did I know it'd be our last one. :(
On the floor with toys.  The physical therapist that Zach sees said that the twins are advanced as far as their abilities with floor time.  When they were only 4 months, they were doing things you'd expect out of a 6 month old.  She said that floor time is so important and it was clear that the twins were getting it.  We love playing on the floor with the babies and I'm so happy it's great for their development.  
Landon rolling over!  
Zander was above the twins, entertaining them!  They love him and always give him fun reactions when he acts silly.  
Being postpartum and all, my hair would not stop falling out all over the place.  It was so hard to keep it under control and keep hair off the floor.  And doing it was a whole nother story with how busy these twins keep me....Sooo...a change was in order.  I had to beg Lance to let me cut it, but he finally consented.  And here you have it.  Before.
During...that's a lot of hair!  Good bye long hair!  
The new look!  I've actually cut it even shorter since this picture was taken.  It was too bulky and kinda like a bowl around my head, so I needed to thin it out.  
It feels so much better short!  
The Bertola family is divided between BYU and U of U football.  The game between the two teams always heats up and brings out the competition in the family.  My crew was of course sad when BYU played miserably and yet again lost to the U.  Get it together, BYU!  
Zander looking cute in his BYU gear.  
My little Landon has such a Tommy Pickles look that we all just love!  The doll in the right is actually Dill, Tommy's little brother, but there's a resemblance none the less.  
Little man doing great at tummy time.  
Big boy!
Zachy trying out brother!  These two always keep us entertained.  
Holding hands after a nursing session.  
For the holiday season, we went to a retirement like place, and Lance and Zander played Silent Night on their guitars.  Everyone LOVED it!  
Zander and his friend Russel helping me out with the twins.  Russel has been a great friend to Zander.  
Doggie and Lion bums
Zander was holding Zachary as he watched Home Alone and Zach zonked out!!  
This winter is giving us sooo much snow! The last few winters were rather dry, so this feels like a treat!  
For Christmas, I made Zander a pocket blanket and he LOVES it!  Here he is with the iPad all tucked away.  
Zander had his robot bring me a love note!  So sweet.  
I subbed Sunbeams in primary and Zach was such a novelty to the other children. They loved playing with him and thought he was so cute!  
I mean, how can you not love that face?!
For my birthday, Lance gave me tons of options of fun things that we could do together-I chose to do a paint night!  We had such a blast and I learned a little about paining.  I'd recommend this activity to anyone-it's so much fun!  
I stuck to the model and Lance deviated quite a bit!  Looks good, babe!  
My niece Eden turned 8 so I had the opportunity to make her a CTR towel.  She loved it!  
After bath cutie!
We are working on a project where we read the babies 1000 books before they turn one.  We have had so much fun with it so far.  We are in the 300s now, so we need to up our game!  The original goal is to read 1000 before Kindergarten, but I decided to take it up a notch.  We love reading and the library!  
Midnight cuties
My Landon.  
Holding hands with mom while we nurse. 
Hanging out in mom and dad's bed.  
Crazy changes happened at the beginning of January.  Our family relocated to Mount Pleasant, Utah in order to be closer to Zander.  It was a hard move and I miss Utah County so much, but I'm trying to make the best of it.  We are renting a very large house down here, and we're renting out our Orem home.  This new ward has been nice which has made the move easier.  There is just nothing to do here, so the move has been so hard.  We are trapped at home with the option of going to Walmart being about it.  I'm hoping that I'll find my place here and things will get better.  
Whenever Landon runs out of bottle he tries for Zach's!  It's so funny!  Even though Zach weighs a pound more, Landon has a way bigger appetite.  
Landon is such a smiley, happy boy!  We just adore him.  
Such a fun baby!  
After bath snuggles with Daddy.  
These two have been showing up in our bed each morning more and more.  
My little loves.  
Twenty little piggies...
Landon and his real twin.  
Boys had twin duty while I made dinner.  
Baby yawns!  
Sleeping babe 
Zachary was sleeping in his rock n play and his darling little feet were sticking out so cute!  I could just eat those little toes.  
Landon had a shirt on, which is unusual because they're usually in onsies, but what resulted was being able to see his darling little belly.  I love it!  
Annnnd they're off holding their bottles!!  Such a treat for mom and dad.  They are still wobbly with it, but getting better every day. Nice work boys!  
Zander made dinner-nachos! They turned out yummy.  
This come up on Facebook the other day.  It's so much fun to look back on the beginning of our relationship.  
The babies are ready for cereals!  I've been giving them oatmeal cereal with apple juice and they've been enjoying it.  It's so fun to see them try new things.  
Landon is my little monkey-he's always all over the place in his crib.  
Bath time fun!  They were sitting in their bumbos, splashing in the water.  Someone would NOT look at the camera.  
Best friends!
Zachary paid a visit to the doctor-he had been so fussy for days, so we thought 
maybe it was an ear infection.  Fortunately he was really healthy and just some acid reflex.  Look at those red eye brows!  I love my redhead.  
I had my hair cut even shorter. I love it!  
Short and thinned out--just what I needed.  I love changes!  
My darling twins.  I love being their mommy.  
No more playing airplane with Landy Lou...I love his guilty face.  
Darling babies 
Look at that face!! 
One out of two babies were excited about their new teethers.  
Koala is one of our favorite toys.  
Zander loves our new backyard and all the snow we've been getting.  At school, the fun thing is to go sledding on the hill at recess.  Here he is building a snow hill to slide down.  
Be still my heart.  Love these two.