Saturday, June 20, 2015

San Diego Zoo

We had been planning on going to the San Diego Zoo for a while since Knotts was out of the question but going while pregnant wasn't the best idea-but I survived! The hills and sheer size of the zoo was pretty intense.  Poor Lance and Zander were sweet to go at my pace, but man-it made for a long day.    

Cali trip 2015

Here are a few pics from our Cali trip this year.  We decided to take the tent trailer in leu of having to pay for a hotel.  It worked out good and ended up being pretty comfortable.  We parked it on dad and Jessi's street for the majority of the trip and at the beach for a few nights.  We went to Carlsbad State Beach, which was cold and muggy but Zander didn't seem to mind and enjoyed himself.  While we were down there my sisters were so sweet to throw me a baby shower and it was great seeing people we don't  normally see while we're down there.  All in all, a successful trip!  Who knows the next time we'll get to Cali with the twins making their debut next month.  Hopefully their cuteness will solicit more visitors our way!  
Of course in Utah there is still snow up on the mountain tops in early June.  Go away, snow!
Z man at the park by Jessi's.  We tried to do all the exercises on the little path, but they were pretty lame.  
All my sons in one picture!  Love it!  
I love my Utahn turned Cali loving boy!  Although, I must say his driving still resembles that of Utah driving, making for a bit of road rage on his end....perhaps I'll do the driving while in Cali!  I learned in that aggressive environment and it doesn't phase me at all:) 
Family of three about to be five!  
Dark and gloomy--not too fun but they made the most of it!  
Our cute little tent trailer.  
The cousins watching a movie and enjoying some pizza!  
Jessi and I had to get a bump photo!  We've been wanting to be pregnant at the same time for a while now!  It's been so much fun!  

Zander goes to Greenwood

Zander's school year ended a week earlier than mine, and as a result he got to come and participate with some of Greenwood's end of year festivities.  Some of my third grade students took him under their wing and insisted he go to the day's activities with them.  It was so sweet!  
Here is Zander sitting with the third graders for the annual end of year kickball game between the teachers and 6th graders.  I was a little sad that I couldn't participate due to being pregnant, but I'll take the pregnancy over kickball anyday!  
Zander with his candy lot!  Confessions didn't disappoint.  
The AF fire department was so good to Greenwood by coming and spraying the students with their hoses!  It was a blast and so memorable!  
So cold!  
Sasha and Zander's aftermath from the spraying!  Don't they look cute?!
Cute kids!  It was such a fun year working at the same school Sasha attended.  Greenwood is so great!  As happy as I am to be home now, I will miss Greenwood terribly!  

Father and son camping

Lance and Zander attended the father/son camp out and had a blast!  They called to say goodnight sometime around 11:00 and boy were they wired!!  Laughing and just being crazy-it was really fun to see!  I'm so grateful that these two have each other!  

Monday, June 15, 2015

28 Weeks with Twins

Another little update on our favorite twins!  

Third trimester here we are!!  It is so fun and amazing to be at this stage in the pregnancy.  I'm so grateful to experience two little babies growing inside me-it's something that I never take for granted because there were times I thought it really might not ever happen.  The human body is an amazing thing and I've been very impressed to see what mine has done to accommodate these two little boys.

We had an appointment just this past week and we proudly announce that they are both weighing 2 pounds 14 ounces-little oinkers!!  It's so wonderful to have them on the large side-with twin pregnancies you never know when you'll need to deliver, so I'll gladly deal with the discomforts of two large babies.  My tummy measured 34 weeks which is right where it should be for a twin pregnancy.  

Some fun stats: 

How far along? 28 Weeks
Favorite thing about being pregnant lately: The boys don't really kick as much as they slither around with their limbs sticking out every which way-it's both endearing and creepy.  lol!  Despite it's initial creepiness, it's been so fun to feel them.  
Maternity clothes? I found some adorable shirts from Old Navy for super cheap!  Old Navy is the place to go!  Only wish I had gone sooner.   
Stretch marks? Surprisingly not yet.  My stomach is very stretched out so I keep expecting them, but so far nothing.  
Sleep: It has been very hard to get comfortable with the big belly, and throw the summer heat into the mix and it's quite miserable.  I also feel like I can't breath when I lay down which adds to the discomforts.  
Miss Anything?  I've been trying to get my house in order and my desires are stronger than what my body is currently capable of.  I've been getting very light headed so after even the simplest of tasks require me to sit down after.  I wish I could just zip through and organize and clean as much as I'd like.  It's hard to have the time but not be able to use it up.  
Symptoms:  snoring (so embarrassing), light headedness, exhaustion, nesting, peeing constantly
Food cravings: Anything sweet, cereal, crepes, donuts
Weight Gain: Somewhere around 38 pounds-Scale seems to say something different every day.   
What I'm looking mostly looking forward to: Lately I've been having fun looking at all the adorable clothes we got from the showers and imagining their little bodies in them!  I can't wait to see what they look like and how big they'll be once they're born!  It should be less than 10 weeks now--so crazy!!
Names: Zander and I still really love Landon William and Zachary Maximus, but Lance still wants to explore other names.  Some of the new names that have been added to the mix are Cameron, Leonardo, Blaze, Blake, and Wesley.