Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lander Spring Break 2012

Lance and Zander had an incredible visit this Spring Break.  Daddy got to go to pick Z up from school and go to his soccer game  in Keokuk (the city in Iowa in which Z lives) on his first day there. 


That night they traveled three hours to St. Louis to where Lance's aunt Debbie lives and stayed with her over the weekend.  There are twin cousins, Lars and Carl, who are five years old and Zander had a great time playing/creating mischief with them.

Here are some pics of my boys at the St. Louis City Museum.  
 Zander looking very interested. 

 Chin up, son!
 Aw..even a smile!  Love these two boys!

 Ball pit! 

 Zoo time!  Here is Zander with the baby goat. 

Zander the serious man. 
 I love the toothless grins. 
 Daddy always gets Z the dippin' dots. 

 Zander and the twins.

 Kite flying in St. Louis.
 Daddy's Crazy!!
 Go Zander!
 Zander was so happy that Dad and I got his scooter to fit in the luggage! 

 Daddy had a good time, too. 
 Aww...silly, silly!  Zander takes good pictures. 

 Easter Morning!  Zander put together some candy in the eggs for me!  What a sweetie!  Then Dad and him hid them in the bedroom and I got to find them on the web cam.  It was awesome. 

 Painting eggs with the twinners. 
Relaxing on Sunday morning. 
 They had a fun Easter Egg hunt and Z found the most eggs!

 Co-Captains Lander

 What a romantic bridge! 

 Someone cute stole Daddy's hat...

 Oh he gave it back! 
 Our handsome six year old. 

 Best friends.

 Zander's favorite animal is the elephant. 

 Watch out world-Here comes the Zander Man!
 Daddy flying through the air.

Alexander the Great!