Wednesday, January 2, 2013

To Create

I'm certain that all women can agree that Pinterest leaves you feeling super crafty and like you can tackle anything.  Well, maybe not anything but certainly more than before you logged on.  Pinterest is definitely a new addiction that has helped me more than hindered me.  It gives me amazing tips on how to keep a clean house, beauty, motherhood, family life, etc,etc.  One of the most influential elements of this addiction is creating. I love to create things but my talents are young and undeveloped.  But surprisingly, I have really wowed myself at just what I can do-with help of course.

My mom was an amazing seamstress who had a natural ability to create things.  I have a Care Bear pillowcase she made me when I was a baby.  I cherish it.  For years now I have been wanting to learn how to sew, at least the basics.  Well, about three months ago I started taking lessons from a seamstress and have made a few projects under her watchful eye.  I have loved it!  I just recently got my very own sewing machine and have already put it to work.

Here are some of my creations:

These were made using old jeans from Sarah and Kenna.  I saw this on Pinterest (of course) and fell in love!  The girls adored them and looked so dang cute wearing them.  I can't wait to make more! 

I also wanted to make Alexander something fun for Christmas.  He loves BYU, so I made him some cute jammie pants and a pillow for his beanbag from Santa.